November 28, 2011

Recap of Birthday Month

November has always been my favorite month-- besides my birthday you've got Thanksgiving, beginning of the holiday season and usually the start of rainy season as well! Before I bid adieu, I'd like to share with all my readers and fellow bloggers some goodies I've received this month!

First up, a pretty pink box of goodies all the way from Singapore from my dear friend Debbie. The sparkly pink box already had me at first sight but the rest is just as amazing!


I absolutely love this top from Top Shop! I have the perfect skirt that I am dying to pair it with but I definitely need to go pay the gym a few more visits before I dare step out in this top! It's so funny how it's so much harder to stick to working out during the winter. I guess I can always hide my body with thick layers during the winter but the pressure is on during summer due to skimpy clothes!

Thanks Debbie for my fab gifts! I'll be sending one out to you verrry soon!

Onto other goodies I've received! Moonlighting at Sephora during the holiday season defiitely has it's benefits--discounts, gratis and more discounts! :) For my secret santa exchange, I received this little mug and hot chocolate. The mug is so cute! My coworker said it looks like it has a little Tiff on it! hehe. I'm using it as a brush holder on my make up table right now! I'm also super stoked to try out all the gratis I received in my Sephora holiday goodie bag. Just looking at the picture makes me want to squeal because of all the free goodies!! (I know.. I'm super Asian when it comes to freebies!)

Now... drum roll for one of the most perfectly "me" gifts I've ever received....

The Jill Stuart Fairy Garden Collection! My cousin bought it for my all the way from Hong Kong to China to Hong Kong and then finally made it to San Francisco!!

Go after the jump to look at pictures of the uber cute collection in action!!

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is with their loved ones having a delicious meal!

This year, I'm thankful for....


I'm also thankful for all my readers and fellow bloggers! After almost a month delay, I've finally closed my giveaway and ready to announce my winner......

And the winner to my first blog giveaway is......


Finally I'll be getting out the prizes out to miss Lena and  mizzrubiiee!
Congrats you guys and thank you so much for all your support!

Happy gobble gobble!

November 18, 2011

Ombré Lights

During my whole trip in Vegas, I couldn't help but be envious of miss Eva's perfectly ombréd hair do. Seriously! Couldn't stop admiring the color so I had to gather my courage and get it done myself. Unfortunately for me, my hair did not come out quite as well. Maybe it's the texture of my hair or previous colors but I'm not too crazy about it.

Here's a picture f my inspiration for the colors. Jessica Biel's hair looks so effortless and the contrasts of the colors makes it interesting.

However, my hair turned out lackluster. I wanted the dark to be darker and the light to be a tad lighter.

We'll see if I change my mind about it in a few days. Guess it takes getting used to but I already like it a little more this morning after I showered. The highlights just looks better with my wavy hair!

Happy Friday everyone!

November 16, 2011

Vegas Sneak Peak, NOTD OPI's Dating a Royal and Sephora Gift

Oh my post title says it all! I'm going to post a sneak peak of my Vegas trip and I won't even bother explaining because I will be doing a two-part blog post on the trip! (one for partying and one for the fooood)

And I just needed to throw this one in... Here is what my body looked like before Vegas. Getting there right? Well in Vegas I decided to eat for two so now I have developed a food baby that won't go away. :( I'm not even going to show you my current situation for the sake of your own eyes.

Here's my NOTD from pre-Vegas era. Never got around to doing a post-- plain and simple, just O.P.I.'s Dating a Royal.

Last but not least, the Sephora gift! All yours with a purchase of $25 or more! Just put in the coupon code FROMSEPHORA. It's fun how you get to choose for your samples to arrive in either the Hello Kitty, Tokidoki or Kat Von D. bag. I can't imagine why anyone would want the Kat Von D. one tho *homewrecker*. :X Okkk fine... one of my all time favorite palette is from Kat Von D. but really her bag is the least cute! I'm not usually one to fall for free gift with purchase tricks but I had to jump on it when I saw the Hello Kitty bag! It's perfect for holding your liquids on the plane! I didn't even wait to use my Sephora discount to buy it because I was so scared they'd run out! Don't forget to get 8% cash back right now if you go through ebates! If you haven't heard of ebates, you can sign up right here. It's a cash back program where you literally only have to click on a link!!

Whew! That was a lot going on just in a single post! Happy Wednesday everyone!

November 14, 2011

Wine Tasting in Napa

A big hello to everyone from the Vegas airport! I know I'm so behind in my blogging and I'm late on announcing my giveaway but please hear me out!! My new job is seriously putting a toll on me and getting ready for my quarter of a century extravaganza took more energy than expected!

Since I couldn't sleep on the plane, I finally sorted and labelled my Napa pictures for this post! See... I did something productive!

First off, we classy folks decided to start the day off with brunch at the famous Ad Hoc. Famous for two things, being the sister restaurant of the Michelin starred French Laundry and their fried chicken. Unfortunately we missed the fried chicken since they only serve it on Mondays but nonetheless the food was yummy!

The good thing about Ad Hoc is that they have a pre-fixe menu each day, all the ingredients are always super fresh and leaves no room for off days!

After our tasty brunch, we started our tasting adventures at Castello de Amorosa-- a real life castle! Honestly, of all the wineries we went to, this is last on my list. While the outside is impressive, the inside is just too dark and dreary. One of my friends actually got sick and dizzy in the castle! As for the wine, I'm not a wine connoisseur but I did like the taste of most of our samples!

On the way to Mumm Napa, we took a detour and went to the St. Helena firefighter open house to check out what a fire house is all about! It was meh but we each got some free t-shirts out of it!

Our second stop of our journey is Mumm Napa. I've been familiarized with their delicious bubbly over the years and had plenty of fun getting bubbly with their bubbly! Mumm Napa was my favorite place of the day because of the openess and set up of the tasting room. The room was well lit and relaxing. It was the perfect spot for some sparkling wine!

Our last stop was the Jaccuzzi Vineyard. It was a mix between the castle and Mumm's-- grand like the castle but airy like Mumm's.

I'm pretty sure it's obvious by the lack of pictures that as the day went by, I got more and more tired. It was such a lovely experience to go wine tasting with friends and I can't wait to go back!!

Isn't the Golden Gate Bridge gorg?

I have a whole lotta updates about my Vegas trip and birthday that I can't wait to share! And stay tuned for my giveaway announcement! Ahh... I'm
officially 25!!

Hope very one had a fabulous weekend!!