October 04, 2011

Oktoberfest by the Bay

Happy October everyone!

Since the gang and I couldn't make it to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest, we decided to do the next best thing-- go to Oktoberfest by the Bay of course!! Oktoberfest by the Bay was held in San Francisco at Pier 48. Basically it is one large beer festival with live music and tons of German food. I can't really vouch for the food since none of it sounded too appetizing and we ate beforehand!
To avoid the risk of getting a DUI, we decided to take muni down to the pier all together. It's been quite some time for all of us since we've taken muni so naturally we got lost. We even ended at the very last stop and had to go back one stop to catch another bus. Way too confusing! Here are so camwhore photos we took while on the bus! Emster was generous and festive enough to provide us each with a drinking boot! Prost! (that means cheers in German!)


More pictures of the event after the jump!

The first thing we did when we got in was buy tokens for beer. Two dollars for one token and four tokens one beer is definitely not cheap but after one boot, I was pretty much done for the night!

There were quite a few people in costume-- mostly girls in beer maid's outfits. I just wanted to share a quick story about our experience with two girls dressed up. So I went up to them to see if we could take a picture with them-- you know when you dress up in costumes, usually that's the whole point right? Well these two bitches said no and gave us the stink face. What gives? You're at Oktoberfest and you're dressed up as beer maids...! So whatever. They weren't too pretty anyways. Later on we looked back and we saw the two of them attracting and talking to old unattractive men. Guess that's how they roll. Unattractive people just gotta stick together!

About an hour into the event, we walked by this booth selling these baby bottles of shots-- they were some herbal stuff and we all thought it would be fun to either take a shot or spike our beer. Bad decision, that little bottle was so disgusting. I spiked my beer and I had an uber hard time finishing it.

While Lisa and I went to go get some almonds, I saw this guy making balloons and he makes Happy Feet! I am convinced that Jon looks like Happy Feet and had to buy the balloon to show him and everyone else the resembelence.

Thank you Emmett for the boots!!

In the crowd, I also found my long lost friend Katie! We were on the dance ensemble and the cheer squad together in high school and we were co-captains! Oh  how time passed.. thank god we look about the same though!

I have a lot of blog reading and comments to catch up on. My aunt is visiting from Hong Kong so it's been quite a busy week.. but I promise I'll be on it asap!


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looks like a great time!!! i freaking love beer. the boot beer mugs are so awesome haha i want one!

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I bet the event was fun, you and your pals look like you had such a great time.

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Aww you guys look like you had a terrific time! Thanks for sharing!


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