October 21, 2011

Mommy Dearest and My First Giveaway!

Hello fellow bloggies and readers! TGIfrickinF! It's my first week at my new job and it's been information overload. There is so much training and my brain seriously feels more fried than bacon! My mom came back last night from Hong Kong and I just wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite things that she brought back. From blinged out phone cases to costume jewelry to shoes, I'm definitely blessed to have a mommy poo with great taste!

First things first, I am in love with this blinged out rabbit case. I know I know, it's a tad over the top but look how cute it looks standing! Funny story, I actually took this out while taking the train this morning to work and some guy in a suit did a double take. I guess that's one way grab attention!


Per my request, my mum actually brought this next case home for me. I asked for a blinged out Hello Kitty phone with leopard print and what do you know, she definitely delivered! Now will I ever use this case? Probably not. It seriously weighs more than a small child and there is no way I can lug that lump of coal around, especially now that I have to take muni to work!

Next thing she brought me is this little leather zippy bag. Now from my purse post, you guys already know that I love zippy bags. One thing about my mom is that she doesn't necessarily believe in being a name-brand whore but she believes in good quality-- real leather, cashmere, precise alterations-- and this little thing is no different. The leather is so soft and the inside of the top compartment actually has credit card slots! I'm currently using this baby as my wallet!

I only requested for her to bring me back is this Skin Food Black Raspberry Eye Wrinkly Care Mask and she seriously bought me back like a bazillion things from there. She was amazed by how Skin Food has a flag ship store in HK now and even picked up some goodies for herself. I'm so anxious to try them all our and will be sure to review them as I go.

She also brought me back so many pairs of shoes. Seriously, she had a hand carry and just ONE other luggage and she managed to fit all her clothes, toiletries, purchases, shoes, my purchases and this many pairs of shoes all in her luggage! I need to learn her packing tips ASAP!

She also brought me back this amazing down jacket. When I first eyeballed it in her luggage, I was unimpressed and a little reluctant to try it on because of the color. I've never been a big fan of tan because it just doesn't quite work with my skin tone but after touching this soft soft down jacket I was in love. I have no doubt I will wear the hell out of this jacket as if it's black or something. The down is warm but so soft and incredibly light. I didn't realize I needed a jacket for commuting but my mommy dearest once again knew best and bought me one before I even realize I needed it! :)

I also just wanted to share something my mom brought home that I felt a little reluctant to share initially, these China slippers. (If you're reading this Eva, these are my version of your "Dutch clogs" lol) My mom used to make me wear these slippers around because she said that ladies always wears slippers around the house and if I didn't, I'd end up with ugly feet. To this day, these are still my favorite and most comfortable house slippers. They are only found in Hong Kong and I'm glad she brought me back a whopping three pairs!

And lastly, my wig for Halloween finally came in! Can you guess what I'll be wearing this lovely red wig as... if you can, that may earn you an extra entry for my first ever giveaway! What giveaway you ask......

This one right here!! You didn't think I'd keep all those goodies just to myself did you? I wanted to host this giveaway as a thank you for everyone who helped me reach my 100 followers mark!

The prizes includes some of my favorite things including my favorite Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream, the Skin Food Olive mask, butter nail polish and other Skin Food products.

My giveaway rules are simple and as follow:

You must be a follower of my blog and leave a comment with an email I can contact you with!
 +1 entry for everyone who gets my costume right. The first person who gets it right will also get a little something from me!
+2 entries for each person who blogs about it on their blogs (and don't forget to link me!)
I'm going to let this giveaway run until November 10th. The reason why I'm letting it run until then is because I will be in Vegas for my quarter of a century extravaganza on the 11th and I wanted to take care of this before I leave.

Thank you everyone for reading and supporting my blog! I really appreciate each and every lovely comment. Good luck and happy blogging!


ℓα∂у.ℓαυяα♥мιѕѕ.мαкєυρ.α∂∂ιcт said...

hehehe wow i've never seen a phone case with ears before ! very cute !

thanks for the comment and thanks for following hun ♥

Femme Virtue said...

aww... ur mom is the sweetest! the stuff she brought for u are awesome!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

So many awesome stuff!

I'm probably wrong, but I'm guessing you're going to be Ariel, haha. That's the only character with long red hair I know of. :D



Audrey Leighton said...

love the hello kitty. good luck to everyone!



ZatZ said...

Lovely giveaway :-)

please enter me!!

Email - zatheela@hotmail.com

CottonCandyINK said...

i love the yellow kitty case, so cute! and also the credit card wallet, i love those ;-)

L e n a said...

oh wow! your mom does have great taste not to mention packing skills~. :D
i love those slippers. it's hard to find ones that are comfy AND pretty.

Rocker Chic said...


You got tons of goodies and I must say I absolutely heart everything your sweet Mom got you!

I think your custome is Katy Perry at least I hope.

Following you on GFC.

Good luck everyone.


yiqin; said...

that iphone cover is TOO cute

Nikkay said...

omg your mum is the coolest!
Maybe the guy was thinking where he could get one too haha! I love the hello kitty phone case, i wantt!!!

Francesca Della Valle said...

Cute blog!
Follow each other :) ?? i'll wait your answer on my blog!

Wida said...

I seriously want your coat!

Missing Amsie Blog

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh how exciting! I'm a follower and my email is aclosetfashionista-blog[at]yahoo[dot]com
and I have no idea what the costume is XD

ღ jenwoonani said...

Aww, your mama is so sweet!!!!!!! :D Mothers know best, don't they?! I need to fly my mama out to Korea so she can spoil ME w/ goodies too! Lol. I'm definitely going to be joining your giveaway.. Why? I spotted some bow earrings & my obsessions are HELLO KITTY & BOWS! :)

GFC: jenwoonani
Email: jenwoonani@gmail.com

Wig Guess: Okay, this is a longgg shot, most people are going to say Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj, but you SOO loom like Xiaxue (Xiaxue.blogspot.com)! Lol, I'm most likely wrong, but you should peep at her pink hair! You guys could be twinsies!

And also wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway too (w/ HELLO KITTY items of course!!) Hehe, you're more than welcome to join! And noooo, you don't have to, lol I'm not one of those "favor for favor" people. Just thought I'd let a fellow HK lover know. ^___^

ℓα∂у.ℓαυяα♥мιѕѕ.мαкєυρ.α∂∂ιcт said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes hunni <3 hehe so true everyone at LUSH alwyas looks like theyr having a blast :)

I just did a new post on makeup DO's and DONT's, it's a bit funny check it out :P


ℓα∂у.ℓαυяα♥мιѕѕ.мαкєυρ.α∂∂ιcт said...

interview makeup do's and dont's ** :P

Dana Yoshimizu said...

wow your mom is pretty awesome!
I can't believe all of the great stuff you picked up for you - including the totally bedazzled phone case!!
How lucky ;D


Disturbed Style said...

Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

Sanna said...

Such cute stuffs you got here!

αвву M. said...

love this post :D and aaaw i want those iphone cases :D

Katherine said...

Omg I love the bunny case! It is so adorable :)

Ally said...

Okay totally random guess...but LiLo?? :D Or Musashi from Pokémon hahaha...Or Rihanna!! Okay I'll stop now (:

Ally said...

I'm your follower!


Ally said...

I blogged about it (:

Rubiiee said...

Super cute!! I'm guessing Jessica Rabbit, cause of your bunny inspired post =]

Rubiiee said...

Or poison ivy from batman lol :)

Tania said...

awww your phone cover is so cute!!


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