October 12, 2011

Mid-week Revelation

I have one month before my quarter of a century celebration in Vegas and I am trying very very hard to loose weight so I can look good in my dresses! Since I only have a month, I've come to realize that yoga and the stair master alone will not be enough, so I've resorted to a semi-diet. I call it a semi-diet because I refuse to be a crazy calorie counter, I'll simply opt for healthier options when I'm eating! Here are a few things I've picked up from Trader Joe's!



Almond butter is definitely something I have learned to acquire to. It's not quite as tasty as it's sister peanut butter and it certainly has a much dryer texture but since it's a healthier alternative, I'll take it!

OPI's OPI Ink, China Glaze's Snow Globe and Essie's Ballet Slippers

I also wanna show you my nails of the week!! The reason why I posted the OPI Ink as well is because that is the color of my toesies! I'm not going to show them though because my camera shy feet are not ready to face the world wide web yet!

I was taking pictures of my nails when I caught my little baby bear knocked out in the background! She is so hilarious! We're having a small heat wave here in San Francisco and my Socal baby is definitely enjoying it!

I have a ton of posts coming probably this week and I'm definitely catching up on my blog reading and comments! Hope everyone's mid-week is fabulous!


Vivian said...

that opi polish is beautiful, always wanted to get that colour :) And hanks for following lovely, have a nice day xx

Yvette said...

Hello Kitty - I'm lovin it <3 :D
I like your nail polish, greetings from Berlin! :)


CottonCandyINK said...

mmm the salad looks good! and almond butter is healthier then peanut butter, I'm certified in fitness and nutrition... yummy. i eat almond butter on a rice cake every boring with a side or protein shake ;-)

Summer-Raye said...

How pretty, I love that pale pink!

You do NOT need to lose weight, you look amazing.



Mai said...

Loving the nail colour (:

Sandra said...

Your nails look so pretty!


DSK Steph said...

Your nails are too cute! What a perfect combo! Trader Joe's is awesomeeeeeeeee!! I was just there last night. I love almond butter in my banana smoothies! It's super delicious! For some reason, I really enjoy seeing everyone's groceries! haha

LiLy said...

Haha cute mag! And yes, organic food and salad are always good for body especially when you are on diet!

Hollie said...

everything looks yummy and healthy! and love the essie polish in ballet slippers.

Femme Virtue said...

give me those think thin white chocolate! lol, good luck on ur semi-diet!

ylenia said...

I also want to celebrate my b.day in Vegas!!!! great nails =)

ღ jenwoonani said...

Haha, I know the feeling of getting physically fit for Vegas! Haha, my diet/ workout plans always ends up a fail. But your diet might not be so bad since your getting stuff from TJ's!! They have theeeee best stuff. That salad looks so freaking yummy!

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