October 17, 2011

Birch Box

Happy Monday everyone! This past Friday was iPhone frenzy Friday and even though I had no initial desire to get an iPhone 4s on its first day, I fell into the vicious trap called consumerism. Woke up at around 8 AM on Friday, checked fb and noticed all the buzz about iPhones! My mind started to play with the thought of trying to beat the crowd waiting in line at Apple stores by going directly to AT&T. After no success with calling the stores, I decided once and for all that I've invested too much time (15minutes) already to not get an iPhone 4s today! Off I went, driving like a maniac to the closest AT&T store. I saw a line in front of the mall waiting for Apple but didn't spot any AT&T lines. I went straight to the store and managed to bum rush through the security guard. The man working with a clipboard told me that I needed to wait in line outside-- I pulled my best "I didn't know" face and successfully avoided waiting in line! Score! Here's a picture of my we iPhone 4s and my first Birch Box that I received in the mail!

If you haven't heard of Birch Box, it's a personalized beauty box that gets delivered to your door step each month. For $10, you're supposed to get a few deluxe sized samples that were selected for you based on an initial survey you fill out. It's a great way for any beauty lovers to try out new goodies without having to break the bank! If you decided that you do like the products, you can then go to their website and purchase them and earn points! I waited very anxiously for a month to finally receive my box and I'm super excited to share it with you!

I love the packaging of the box. It came in a mailer and once you open the mailer you'll see another cuter little box. It's a box within a box!

I was surprised to see how small the box was. But then again, these are just deluxe sized samples so it made sense that the box wouldn't be too big! Inside, I found all my goodies wrapped in purple tissue. If I had to rate the box solely on the packaging, I'd definitely give it an easy A. A little card inside welcomes you to the box system and on the back describes all the goodies in the box.

Here's what was inside the box!

Was I impressed with my personalized selection of beauty products? Not at all! I remember mainly checking off skin and make up products to try and I felt like my box didn't really reflect that. It didn't cater to my selections in the survey but with that said, it was super exciting to get the box in the mail!

By the way, just wanted to show off my new view at my new job! It's my grown up job in the financial district. Hooray for cubicle life!

I went wine tasting with the lovely gang today and took a bunch a pictures! I'm going to try to post them soon but I've been so behind with posts and comments but I really do read them all! Hope you're all having a marvelous day!


cryskay said...

your dog is the cutest!!! i just received my oct birchbox as well but i think your box was better than mine. :( xx

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Summer-Raye said...

Ahh! Ive never heard of the birch box thing? Did you like what you received?


Femme Virtue said...

i would love to sign up for birchbox!!! loving the samples!

LoveFayexoxo said...

I've never heard of the Birchbox!!
Sounds amazing!


LoveFaye xoxo

CottonCandyINK said...

your going to love your iPhone! great stuff in your birch box!

Sandra said...

Your dog is so cute! Love the iPhone and the Birchbox too! :)


L e n a said...

i'm sorry you weren't really happy with the selection of the box this time though i think the whole concept of birch box quite an interesting idea.
& i agree with other commenters. your dog is soooooo cute!

Rocker Chic said...


I love that you blog from your iPhone brilliant. Your dog Bebe is adorable.

I am going to try birch box one of these days :)


Metisse said...

I so want the iPhone! I am going to try and get it soon. I am so excited to try out the picture apps!

Great view! Doesn't it feel wonderful to have a "big kid" job LOL...the responsibility!

M.W. said...

awesome view!

CeCe said...

Birch Box sounds great! Where do I sign up?! I love your blog...so cute :)

ylenia said...

Wow, it's amazing!!! and once again your dog is really cute!!!!

♥Elizabeth♥ said...

your puppy is so ca-ute!!!!!!!


Rubiiee said...

Love your doggie, love the view, love the pictures!

I cannot begin to explain how lucky you are to get past the line and purchase the iPhone 4s! Amazing.

I still have the 3gs its my baby. <3

Alexa said...

I think it's hilarious how you got yourself in front of the queue!! HA!! And your puppy is so adorable.. Birchbox, never heard of it but it's an interesting concept!


Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

I really want to try and signup for the birch box. but still undecided.... looks like you got nice items
great post girlie!


ps I do want a Puppy like yours so adorable :)

Adriana said...

omg your dog is adorable! I like the view from your new job! Very nice

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