September 24, 2011

Word Vomit

Warning: This post is a serious rant and may put you in a bad mood upon reading.

It makes me so upset when someone stereotypes me as an airhead, bimbo or pretty face. My boss always says to me "wow Tiff, looks like you're not just a pretty face". WTF? He thinks it's a joke but there isn't an ounce of funny in that statement. In fact, it is highly offensive to any woman with a dash of dignity. Why did he hire me in the first place if he initially only had superficial expectations from me? What does that say about him as a boss/hiring manager?

I feel like this has been an issue I've been fighting for most of my life. Sure, I like my hair big, I laugh often and I'm always made up but what part of that automatically wins me the title of being stupid? I have always and will continue to be be fully competent and capable of doing things, making money and taking care of myself. In fact, in all of my work experiences, I've always proven to be bright and a quick learner. I refuse to play down my looks, hair and make up just for people to stop judging me by my cover and I will never dumb myself down to meet their expectations. In a way I guess it's in my benefit because I know I will always surpass and excel beyond those expectations.

And now, here's a picture of me...

If you want to call me a pretty face, sure I'll take that. Just keep those pre-descending and condescending words to yourself.


Mary and Dyer said...

Well you are certainly a pretty face! :) But I totally know what you mean - so many people judge others on their looks - good or bad! xox

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you like it! :)


Chiara Lanero said...

Hey, I just found your blog! :)
Maybe you have time to visit my blog and follow if you like :)

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Lov3kat said...

My boss as well! He only hire "pretty girls" and when he NEEDs more staff his more open to hiring "not pretty" girls. =="
So shallow.
Also he hardly hire males..!

Gelene said...

That's such a shallow comment! You are very pretty :), but I don't think people should translate pretty=dumb or incompetent. How rude of him!

anyways, to reply to the ad hoc comment on my blog, are u going to the sunday lunch thingie?? I always wanted to try their fried chicken!!!! I heard it was REALLY good.. Too bad my boyfriend was driving down to SD that day :[[[[ Let me know (or blog about it, haha!) how it goes for you :]

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

oh girl preach on for sure!! I totally know what you mean... but honest though you are pretty..!!! but I love that you posted this... because it really shows... the type of person you are and what strong woman you are also..
Following you for sure hun !!

great blog and amazing post !!

xoxo Lizzie

SparksandFireworks said...

YUP im with you on this one, just because we are 'girly' and look pretty does not mean there is not more to us!!

You are very attractive, but you have brains and dignity too! I say keep ranting!!

xoxo Jess

Summer-Raye said...

You are definitely pretty, but I totally understand how you feel. People can make a compliment into an insult all together.


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rosecandle11 said...

following you now, you look so cute:) cool style btw.



J said...

awww i understand you're rant. i mean it just goes back to how women aren't always treated fairly in the workplace. you are def gorgeous my dear, beauty and brains, you CAN have it all and don't let anyone tell you otherwise which I can tell that you aren't!! btw thanks for your support on my new blog

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i cannot agree with you more here! just because i dress well & like to put makeup on on a daily basis does not mean that i only care about appearance & can't do anything right. at my last job, people would literally talk about how i dressed "too over the top" when i was really just in proper office attire & everyone else wore jeans & tshirts on a daily basis. i don't talk about how unprofessional i think that is so why do ppl think its ok to talk about how "fancy" i dress? it reallllly annoyed me! i see nothing wrong with putting in a bit of effort in our appearance. dressing "nice" takes the same amount of time as dressing "sloppy"

i guess some people just don't really think about how their comments can affect other people. which i think is really ridiculous esp in a professional work environment.

che said...

More power too you! Looking put together and having brains just makes the package better.

It's a damn shame you're boss makes such ignorant comments and i'm sure it would make anyone angry but what I've learn is prove them wrong and you will be the one smiling in the end.

♥ tiffany said...

Thank you for all your kind and supportive words!