September 06, 2011

Turn Your Sorrows Into Treasured Gold

Adele's 21 has been on repeat on my iPod lately and I'm sure I'm not alone out there! I just can't get enough of her haunting and broken voice that sends me chills. Her new single Someone Like You always reminds me of what it feels like to have your heart broken. I'm so glad that at this stage in my life, I have traded a turbulent relationship for a more mellow and stable one.

Somewhere months ago, I read that Adele's scumbag of an ex wanted a cut from her profits from her album since she got her song inspirations from their relationship. What type of scumbag breaks a girl's heart and then turn around and ask them to pay up. It makes Adele so much more of an inspiration to me. After all, the best revenge is to become 1) hot, 2) successful, 3) happy or better yet, all of the above. Tried, proven and worked like a charm.


Larie said...

I love Adele (really, who doesn't? Haha). I heard that story, too - how low can you go, seriously?

Rosamond Kim said...

Love this song!

sarah saad said...

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