September 07, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Crown and Crumpet

Growing up, my mum never stressed the importance of learning how to cook, clean or do my laundry. In fact, my earliest memories with my mum involves manicures, hair straightening and tea time. Back when we used to live in Hong Kong, our tea destination of choice was the swanky Conrad Hotel and since we've moved back to San Francisco, the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus served as our high tea spot. It seems like as of late, the bay area has been hit with the high tea bug and it came dressed in pink with a tiara! A couple of weeks ago, Karleen, Ari and myself decided to have tea time at Crown and Crumpet. The name alone had me sold!

Ghirardelli Square
900 N Point St
Ste E207

San Francisco, CA 94109
Neighborhood: Fisherman's Wharf

Ok ok.. so the picture whore in me can't help but snap a photo of my made up face for the day! 

Ladies who lunch
Every detail in the restaurant was adorned with pink crowns. It was totally adorable and made me feel like a little kid playing tea time!

Check out our tea food after the jump!

We ordered the "Tea for Three" which included three pots of tea, 4 finger sandwiches each, a selection of scones and crumpets and some sweets in the end. The tea must've been laced with something because by the end of our pots, we were laughing uncontrollable! All the finger sandwiches were delish and my personal favorite were the crumpets! Yum! I could've done without the sweets though.

I seriously finished a little dish of sweet cream and jam by myself. I'm such a little piggie!

Lastly, I saw this picture in their gift shop and just died. This should've been my high school senior quote and I'm seriously thinking about getting this tattooed in French! Ok.. so I'm just seriously craving for a 2nd tattoo... but I think this quote pretty sums me up!

Tea time with my girls was so much fun! We talked about our futures, babies, our high school friends... and so much more! It's the perfect time to gossip and catch up. Have you ever high tea-d with your girl friends?