September 03, 2011


Beebs is feeling like an attention whore and demanded her own post. I am helpless against her baby face. :(

Mr. W. sent me this pic today. Doesn't the little black one look like little Beebs?


Miss Delirium said...

Aww aint that a cutie! :D

Thank you so much for both of your lovely comments on my recent posts:)
Its sure fun to practice on mannequins, at least they dont get mad at me if i do something awful to their hair! haha :p xx

Miss Delirium said...

And im so glad you like my make up and dress, i really appreciate it, thanks ^^^^^^

Ellie said...

Oh my gosh what a cutie! I miss my pup :(

LiLy said...

So cute! ;) xo

Vanessa Lu said...

adorable pics!

Vale ♥ said...

So cute ! I have just found your blog and I love it, plus the about you bit is lovely, I also like Hello Kitty and I try to balance my life in the office with my sparkling life ! I'd love us to follow each other, if you like my blog and follow it let me know, I will surely follow back ! Kisses from Italy

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Diane said...

what i have missed.. uggh.. having some err with my new disqus app.. this pics are so cuute.. you made me laugh! i'm sure you're a very sweet and adorable person hun!

Jen said...

Beebs is adorable!!! I can't help loving on my doggy too.

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