September 01, 2011

Bare Faced

It's always been an insecurity of mine to walk out of the house without putting my best face foward but when I do, I sometimes feel embarrassed that I need a pound of make up to feel beautiful. Anyone else ever feel that way? Maybe there's just no pleasing me. 

When Tessa visited me this past week she told me that for a while, she tried going au naturale. By au naturale, it means only brows, blush and mascara (plus SPF). Not wearing any foundation is not a problem for me, I usually only wear Bare Escentuals--which offers no coverage at all but strictly for SPF purposes. But no eye make up at all? That's tough. Sometimes I go out with just mascara but I always have those dumbasses who asks me if I'm sick or feeling ok. So my new project is to try to go bare faced (with minimal amount of make up) as much as possible. Why you ask? Because I always worry that I'll be that 50 year old mom who has to pile on make up. One day I'm going to have to give up my heavy eyes for a more natural look and I don't want to scare people, so why not start now! I'm currently on day 3 of my bare face project and feeling a lot more comfortable. I'll still be wearing more make up on certain days (like when I go clubbing tomorrow night) but I'm going to try to save it for the more special days!

Here's a picture of me in all my bare faced (plus brows, blue and mascara) glory!

Ok.. so I'm still learning to love my bare face but I swear that it's a very liberating feeling to just walk out the door sans make up-- almost as liberating as deleting my facebook. :) I urge all you ladies to give this a try-- even just for one day a week.

Happy September everyone! I have a feeling September will be a fabulous month! 


charlene-ann said...

you are gorgeous mama!! :)

a, said...

you look so cute! your brows are PERFECT. but i don't think i can do this..:(

LiLy said...

Hey! What's up? Well, I used to live in Nz and I fond out myself struggling so much to put on my full makeup everyday as the weather over there was SHIT! I mean, windy, 4seasons in a day,,, so Even though I made my hair super straighten, applied cute lip gloss,,,, but in 3mins, my every work went nothing! LOL So since then, I started thinking of more efficient ways to finish my makeup no matter what. BUT, some guys actually loved my natural makeup. Which means only perfect shaped eyebrows (like you;D) and lovely lips. Oh, course my face was done with SPF all the time. So I think it's just depends on your feeling, purpose, and times. :) Sorry for this damn long comment and thank you for taking your time to read!xx

Britt+Whit said...

Happy Sept! You look goregous without makeup!

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Your skin looks great, you don't need a lot of makeup!!

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