August 24, 2011

Turn of Luck

My day was ruined by a street cleaning ticket today. That makes two tickets in two days. Arghh. Makes me so angry! I'm already off to a bad start of a long week but thankfully the tone of my day changed when I got home today! Remember how I won a raffle at the Work Out in the Park event? I finally received my prize and was pleasantly surprised by the gigantic box that greeted me at home!


So pretty and wrapped up! I couldn't wait to tear all the bubble wrap apart to reveal my prize!

I seriously now have enough lotion products to last my a life time. Not exactly complaining though, I love Nivea products!

Ooooh and whaaat! A $250 shopping spray at Shay Todd! Can't wait for some new bathing suits! Score!

I can already tell that this week is going to outrageously long and tiring. Can't wait for it to be over already! Hope you're all having a more fabulous week than I am!


charlene-ann said...

wow! what a prize indeed! I love Nivea products!! would love to know what you like best from the prize :)


Ellie said...

Thats awesome! Those prizes definitely make up for the tickets ;)

Diana said...

Congrats on winning the raffle!! thats a whole lot of nivea products lol if I were you I might give some of them away cos it would totally overwhelm haha! :D

Turtles and Pearls said...

Yay! Congrats on the great prize! I hope it made your day better. I hate when I get a parking ticket or something can really ruin a good day.

Larie said...

I love coming home to mail!!! Especially large packages like that :D Glad your week has turned around :)

Clementine said...

omg your dog! So cute!!! (and congrats for the prize!!)

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

I wanna steal your doggie and add it to my crew!! lol