August 13, 2011

Tiki Tiki Boom x2

Tiki bars have been all the rage for me lately-- I can never say no to the cute fruity drinks with the umbrellas in the fancy cups and bowls! Tiki Haven is one of my new favorite spots to spend some good quality time with my friends. They have old school board games like Jenga and Break the Ice there!

Tiki Haven
1334 Noriega St
(b/t 20th Ave & 21st Ave)
Outer Sunset
San Francisco, CA 94122

We were seated in the upstairs room where it is perfect for people watching!
Look at the cute fruity drinks! How can you say no!
This one is call the fire bowl. Essentially the same as the volcano bowl at Bamboo Hut but with different names!
I also wanted to show my make up for the night because I actually spent quite a bit of time perfecting it! :)

Nothing too exciting, just some purple shadow and a new set of lashes that I'm trying out! These lashes are a little less bold than my go-to lashes but since I was only going to a bar, I didn't want to go all out and crazy with my night time make up!
See how my liner is not even on each eye? One is extremely thicker than the other and that's because I have one eye that is double lidded and one eye that's not. I've considered getting lid surgery but I don't think it's worth it for me. While it's a pain in the butt when it comes to doing make up, I think I'll be able to live with it! I think I'm going to try taping it to see if that'll make it look more even!
See how when I open my eyes they look fine?
Here are the lashes that I used. I liked it that they looked more natural and I can probably wear them during the day without feeling like I'm overly made up!
Of course I had to include a picture of my little fluff ball Beebs!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Miss Delirium said...

Aw looks so fun there :):)
I love Red Cherry Lashes ^^ I have to get some new ones soon, maybe #110 actually. I only have those huge ass dramatic ones left that make me look drag-queen-ish..not nice;) eh-he..;p

I loved the lashes on you:)

About your eyeproblem, I guess you're more aware of it than anyone else, I don't think I alone ever could come to that conclusion that you have one double lidded eye ;) hehe. But ofcourse, I know the feeling of having something that annoys you no matter what anybody says tho';) Well, double lidded or not, you look stunning :)

LiLy said...

Love the pink-ish lights! Did you put blue eye shadow on your bottom eye lids? Seems cool!

miss marshmellow ^^ said...

so pretty! love your make up<3

*please check my blog out =)

Anonymous said...

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Diane said...

you look so pretty! i love your eye makeup and the fab lashes! i followed you back!

Lisa said...

omgosh that tiki bar looks SOOO CUTE!!!

i LOVEEE your eye makeup girl.. it always looks so pretty and i'm so jelly because you have the biggest eyes EVER!!!

omgosh your fur ball is SOOO CUTE!! what kind of dog is Beebs??

Gelene said...

hahah Beebs is like Bonnie! If they're put next to each other, it's like a ying-yang!!

And those lashes are gorgeous! your makeup is always so perfect!! :]


mNg said...

Another Tiki bar night sounds awesome! Lovin' your make up and faux lashes :D

Ellie said...

I'm obsessed with false lashes...although every time I attempt to use them I end up nearly gluing my eyes shut? Your pupping is soo cute! I miss mine! Loving your blog doll. I'm definitely following.

Have a great day!

Miss Delirium said...

Thanks for both lovely comments hun!:)

Yes, its a very nice school. Im so happy to be there! :) The first weeks was fab, cant wait for the weekend to end (well, almost:P a time off is always good;)

I finally got myself a new camera, so pictures of the Guerlain gloss is coming up. Also some new Mac lippes :)

viviianna said...

love the makeup and haha I wanna try one of those drinks :)