August 04, 2011

Rainy Day

Today's weather entails the turbulence of a typical San Franciscan summer day-- start of drizzly and wet, moving forward to about two hours of sunshine in the afternoon and followed by thick fog in the evening. While I would give anything for just one glorious day of basking in the sun, I secretly relish in the gloomy wet weather. Why, you ask? Well, my rainy day hair happens to be my best hair days!

My hair seems to bloom in the rain, no teasing required. Sure, it may be unruly but it reaches heights that no teasing comb or hair spray have brought me.

In other news besides my hair and all it's rainy day glory, I was supposed to go to a show tonight that I won tickets for through the radio. Mr. Dubs and I decided to skip the show after sitting through heavy downtown traffic and circling unsuccessfully for parking spots. What a bummer since we were looking forward to sampling the restaurant! Oh well. We headed for shabu shabu once again. Shabu is a meal of perfection on a cold drizzly day but too bad it leaves me feeling like an oompa loompa (and by that I don't mean feeling orange!)

I have a going away party to go to tomorrow and then its the weekend again! Feels like this week just zoomed by! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week with a even more fantastic weekend to look forward too!


Katherine said...

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

Britney said...

i love ur hair it so pretty ... please follow back.

PopBlush said...

Love your hair~