August 23, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Off the Grid

It seems like food trucks have been all the rage lately and Mr. W. and I are a little behind with this food trend. Every week, food trucks unite at Off the Grid in multiple locations in the city to celebrate mobile cuisine. Finally, after almost a year, Mr. W. and I made it on Friday to the Fort Mason location! We braved the chilly summer weather to see what all the hype was about!
Off the Grid
Fort Mason Center Parking Lot
Buchanan St & Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94123

The meet starts at 5 and goes on till 10 but from what I've heard the later you go, the longer the lines. AND all the favorites will be sold out! Luckily, Mr. W. and I arrived fairly early, while there were ample parking and minimal lines. Mr. W. and I jumped too quickly at the first parking spot and ended up walking way too far. I almost lost it when I approached these steep stairs. The heel of my boot wasn't much but it was still too much for these dreadful steps!

Our first stop was a truck called Kung Fu Tacos. We ordered the Peking duck taco and I bought a strawberry macaron from Oui Oui. I was not impressed with the taco but loved the macaron!

Mr. W. kept talking about the Nom Nom truck so we made it our second stop. Nom Nom specializes in banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and we tried the much recommended lemongrass chicken banh mi. I didn't care for it at all-- I actually took two bites and handed my half off to Mr. W. (who happily finished it off)

Next we had onigilly aka samurai snack. We ordered an unagi and a snow crab one. Basically it's a big brown rice roll and filling wrapped in seaweed. This was one of the less popular trucks but by far my favorite. I liked it so much that I went back for a second one. :)

As we walked by the creme brûlée cart, we were debating heavily if we should fast forward to dessert already. On one hand we didn't want to ruin our appetite but on the other we didn't want to risk missing out! So we decided what the heck, let's do it! And we did! A nutella strawberry creme brûlée and a honey vanilla creme brûlée later, we were ready for more food!

Right next to creme brûlée cart was the Masubi King. Intrigued, we went for the Peking duck masubi. (we are big fans of duck!) While I liked it, I didn't love it quite as much as Mr. W. He even crowned it his favorite of the night!

Finally, we spotted the highly praise Chairman Bao! It was the first thing we looked for and ironically the last truck we found. We had to stand in a little line but nothing like the horror stories of hour long waits!

I'm gonna be honest and say, Chairman Bao was my least favorite and I do not wish to stand in line to wait for it again-- ever! We got the braised pork and pork belly baos and they had me underwhelmed and uninspired. I'm not even go to say anymore about it since I have absolutely nothing good to say!

Here's a picture of a truck from afar. So cute!

And of course I'm going to end the post with some picture whoring! Our night at the food trucks was mostly successful, only wished the weather was a bit warmer. Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

I have a couple more food posts to come but will be super busy this week since I'll be working a seven day week. But at least Tessa bear is finally visiting!

Till then, I'm wishing everyone some warm sunny weather!


LiLy said...

Seems lovely dating! ;) I love rice ball too!

Ellie said...

That food looks insanely awesome. Oh my gosh.


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