August 27, 2011

Cool Kid

Whew. My long week is finally over!! To kick off a weekend of fun, miss Ari, Karleen and I will be having high tea at Crown and Crumpet. High tea always reminds me of my days in Hong Kong with my mum except we would have tea time in hotels and they weren't dolled up and all pink! I just wanted to update since I've been slacking with my updates lately!

Here are some pictures of me looking cool while waiting for Ari!

Thizz face thizz face! Ok now it's time to be a lady and sip tea with my pinky up!


charlene-ann said...

so pretty! :) love the wavey hair!

Ellie said...

You look gorgeous, I love your hair! I'm entering the busiest two weeks that I've had in awhile, so I'm a bit nervous to see how that turns out!


Diane said...

yes you are so cool! love the way sexy hair!

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