August 13, 2011

Aye Aye Captain!

For my most recent Yelp Elite event, Mr. W and I put on our best pirate faces to venture off to a restaurant located on an island known as Forbes Island.

Forbes Island
Pier 41
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 951-4900

It was such a unique dining experience that even though I had Zumba plans with Denise, I had to cancel on her. Sorry! Let me give you a little insight of the restaurant. Basically, the island is located off the San Francisco Bay and to get onto the island, you have to take a boat ferry over. How cool is that?!! The night of the event, Mr. Forbes (the owner and the person who used to LIVE on the island before he turned it into a restaurant) was our ferry driver! Here are some pictures of the ferry. (I had to steal the 2nd picture from Yelp since I am incompetent when it comes to taking quality pictures.. )

The restaurant has an island theme and naturally, because this is a Yelp event, everyone is required to dress up in pirate gear to gain entrance to the event. Last minute, the night before, I frantically dash from work to my closest fabric store to whip something up. Luckily, I spotted a little party store across the street and ventured in to see what I can find. A hook, an eye patch and some party pirate hats later-- I walked out party ready! Isn't Mr. W. the cutest pirate ever? :)

See more pictures after the jump!

Here are some pictures of the island itself. It was such an unusually beautiful day in the city too! As you can see, the island is palm tree lined and has a little tiki hut on the side. Once on the island, you can either stay upstairs in the tiki huts or go downstairs to the main dining room. The dining room is actually located under water and is equipped with a fire place inside!

Gorgeous fireplace located in the underwater dining room! 

Right outside of the ladie's room is a bedroom. I'm thinking that this is Mr. Forbe's old room?

Did I mention that there is actually a light house on the island as well?? After going up what felt like a million flights of stairs, at the top of the light house, you can catch a glimpse of the lovely San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz!

Here I am pretending to pose but really it was an excuse for me to stop and catch my breath from the million flight of stairs!

We can see Alcatraz and sea lions! Oy oy oy!!

Mr. W. was most excited about take a pic with this slutty she-pirate located in the back of the island.

 Upclose of the slutty pirate girl!

Forbes Island has been in my Yelp bookmarks forever and I'm super glad that I got to experience it for free because what I didn't realize is that the entire restaurant is on the water so it rocks back and forth like a boat. Being ever so sensitive to movement, I got a sick case of motion sickness. Boooo! I felt like I was on a boat even after we left. It was a blessing in disguise for Mr. W. that I made him dress up as a pirate for this event because had we gone for a fancy dinner here... I definitely would've bitched about it all night.

I'm going to a theme park on Sunday and hopefully watch Harry Potter (finally) tonight! I just couldn't wait any longer to share with you guys my unique experience at Forbes Island! What is the most unique dining experience you've ever had?


Julie said...

wow thats amazinggg, what a unique dining experience!

mNg said...

You guys are such a cute pirate couple! Love how you need a ferry ride to get to the restaurant.

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Best pirate couple!! :o)