August 30, 2011

Kate Spade Sampling

I love Kate Spade and I love the sample sales they hold periodically even more! This morning, I woke up to a pleasant invitation waiting for me in my inbox for the sample sale. I immediately saw this make up case and knew I had to have it! I've been dying to add a Kate Spade cosmetic case to my travel accessories for a while now but was waiting for the right color combo. I would've preferred my signature pink but because it was only $59, I settled for an eye-catching polka dotted yellow!

I'm so excited to get it in the mail! Head over to and check out their sample sale before all the good stuff gets sold out! Don't forget to use ebates to earn 3.5% cash back!

I'll try my best to update tonight.. I have a ton of pictures!!

Happy shopping!

August 27, 2011

Cool Kid

Whew. My long week is finally over!! To kick off a weekend of fun, miss Ari, Karleen and I will be having high tea at Crown and Crumpet. High tea always reminds me of my days in Hong Kong with my mum except we would have tea time in hotels and they weren't dolled up and all pink! I just wanted to update since I've been slacking with my updates lately!

Here are some pictures of me looking cool while waiting for Ari!

Thizz face thizz face! Ok now it's time to be a lady and sip tea with my pinky up!

August 24, 2011

Turn of Luck

My day was ruined by a street cleaning ticket today. That makes two tickets in two days. Arghh. Makes me so angry! I'm already off to a bad start of a long week but thankfully the tone of my day changed when I got home today! Remember how I won a raffle at the Work Out in the Park event? I finally received my prize and was pleasantly surprised by the gigantic box that greeted me at home!


So pretty and wrapped up! I couldn't wait to tear all the bubble wrap apart to reveal my prize!

I seriously now have enough lotion products to last my a life time. Not exactly complaining though, I love Nivea products!

Ooooh and whaaat! A $250 shopping spray at Shay Todd! Can't wait for some new bathing suits! Score!

I can already tell that this week is going to outrageously long and tiring. Can't wait for it to be over already! Hope you're all having a more fabulous week than I am!

August 23, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Off the Grid

It seems like food trucks have been all the rage lately and Mr. W. and I are a little behind with this food trend. Every week, food trucks unite at Off the Grid in multiple locations in the city to celebrate mobile cuisine. Finally, after almost a year, Mr. W. and I made it on Friday to the Fort Mason location! We braved the chilly summer weather to see what all the hype was about!
Off the Grid
Fort Mason Center Parking Lot
Buchanan St & Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94123

The meet starts at 5 and goes on till 10 but from what I've heard the later you go, the longer the lines. AND all the favorites will be sold out! Luckily, Mr. W. and I arrived fairly early, while there were ample parking and minimal lines. Mr. W. and I jumped too quickly at the first parking spot and ended up walking way too far. I almost lost it when I approached these steep stairs. The heel of my boot wasn't much but it was still too much for these dreadful steps!

Our first stop was a truck called Kung Fu Tacos. We ordered the Peking duck taco and I bought a strawberry macaron from Oui Oui. I was not impressed with the taco but loved the macaron!

Mr. W. kept talking about the Nom Nom truck so we made it our second stop. Nom Nom specializes in banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and we tried the much recommended lemongrass chicken banh mi. I didn't care for it at all-- I actually took two bites and handed my half off to Mr. W. (who happily finished it off)

Next we had onigilly aka samurai snack. We ordered an unagi and a snow crab one. Basically it's a big brown rice roll and filling wrapped in seaweed. This was one of the less popular trucks but by far my favorite. I liked it so much that I went back for a second one. :)

As we walked by the creme brûlée cart, we were debating heavily if we should fast forward to dessert already. On one hand we didn't want to ruin our appetite but on the other we didn't want to risk missing out! So we decided what the heck, let's do it! And we did! A nutella strawberry creme brûlée and a honey vanilla creme brûlée later, we were ready for more food!

Right next to creme brûlée cart was the Masubi King. Intrigued, we went for the Peking duck masubi. (we are big fans of duck!) While I liked it, I didn't love it quite as much as Mr. W. He even crowned it his favorite of the night!

Finally, we spotted the highly praise Chairman Bao! It was the first thing we looked for and ironically the last truck we found. We had to stand in a little line but nothing like the horror stories of hour long waits!

I'm gonna be honest and say, Chairman Bao was my least favorite and I do not wish to stand in line to wait for it again-- ever! We got the braised pork and pork belly baos and they had me underwhelmed and uninspired. I'm not even go to say anymore about it since I have absolutely nothing good to say!

Here's a picture of a truck from afar. So cute!

And of course I'm going to end the post with some picture whoring! Our night at the food trucks was mostly successful, only wished the weather was a bit warmer. Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

I have a couple more food posts to come but will be super busy this week since I'll be working a seven day week. But at least Tessa bear is finally visiting!

Till then, I'm wishing everyone some warm sunny weather!

August 20, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Emmy's Spaghetti Shack

Hello hello! Sorry I haven't updated in a full week! I've been working way too hard-- I even have to work tomorrow.. on a Sunday. But guess that's working life.

Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience at this restaurant called Emmy's Spaghetti Shack.
Emmy's Spaghetti Shack
18 Virginia Ave
Bernal Heights
San Francisco, CA 94110

Emmy's is the definition of a hole in wall. It's an itty bitty place with no signs at the entrance. Once you walk in, though, you'll see that the shack you're about to dine in is lined by Christmas lights and various aprons hang off the ceiling.

The menu is limited at Emmy's and it changes seasonally but the spaghetti and meatballs is a staple and is never changed. The s&m (spaghetti and meatballs!!) is basically what everyone orders-- I saw about 20 plates of them go by while waiting for our food.

For starters, Eva, Emster, Mr. W., and I ordered the garlic bread and the ahi tuna ceviche. The garlic bread was crispy and bursting with garlic flavors. Will definitely satisfy the cravings of any garlic lover. The ceviche served with wonton crisp was delicious but a bit too spicy for me. I wish they also had more than one crisp per person!

Onto the main course! The s&m really should be renamed meatballs and spaghetti. It's seriously three ginormously tender and juicy meatballs with a dash of spaghetti. But I'm not complaining one bit at all!

Hmm. Looking at the pictures got my mouth watering a bit. :)

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend! Expect more posts coming up verrry soon!

August 13, 2011

Tiki Tiki Boom x2

Tiki bars have been all the rage for me lately-- I can never say no to the cute fruity drinks with the umbrellas in the fancy cups and bowls! Tiki Haven is one of my new favorite spots to spend some good quality time with my friends. They have old school board games like Jenga and Break the Ice there!

Tiki Haven
1334 Noriega St
(b/t 20th Ave & 21st Ave)
Outer Sunset
San Francisco, CA 94122

We were seated in the upstairs room where it is perfect for people watching!
Look at the cute fruity drinks! How can you say no!
This one is call the fire bowl. Essentially the same as the volcano bowl at Bamboo Hut but with different names!
I also wanted to show my make up for the night because I actually spent quite a bit of time perfecting it! :)

Nothing too exciting, just some purple shadow and a new set of lashes that I'm trying out! These lashes are a little less bold than my go-to lashes but since I was only going to a bar, I didn't want to go all out and crazy with my night time make up!
See how my liner is not even on each eye? One is extremely thicker than the other and that's because I have one eye that is double lidded and one eye that's not. I've considered getting lid surgery but I don't think it's worth it for me. While it's a pain in the butt when it comes to doing make up, I think I'll be able to live with it! I think I'm going to try taping it to see if that'll make it look more even!
See how when I open my eyes they look fine?
Here are the lashes that I used. I liked it that they looked more natural and I can probably wear them during the day without feeling like I'm overly made up!
Of course I had to include a picture of my little fluff ball Beebs!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Aye Aye Captain!

For my most recent Yelp Elite event, Mr. W and I put on our best pirate faces to venture off to a restaurant located on an island known as Forbes Island.

Forbes Island
Pier 41
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 951-4900

It was such a unique dining experience that even though I had Zumba plans with Denise, I had to cancel on her. Sorry! Let me give you a little insight of the restaurant. Basically, the island is located off the San Francisco Bay and to get onto the island, you have to take a boat ferry over. How cool is that?!! The night of the event, Mr. Forbes (the owner and the person who used to LIVE on the island before he turned it into a restaurant) was our ferry driver! Here are some pictures of the ferry. (I had to steal the 2nd picture from Yelp since I am incompetent when it comes to taking quality pictures.. )

The restaurant has an island theme and naturally, because this is a Yelp event, everyone is required to dress up in pirate gear to gain entrance to the event. Last minute, the night before, I frantically dash from work to my closest fabric store to whip something up. Luckily, I spotted a little party store across the street and ventured in to see what I can find. A hook, an eye patch and some party pirate hats later-- I walked out party ready! Isn't Mr. W. the cutest pirate ever? :)

See more pictures after the jump!

August 10, 2011

Shape Up

Happy Wednesday!
Wednesdays are usually such a drag for me since it's the middle of the week and sometimes I have to work OT till 7:00 PM. Yep... tonight is one of those nights! The good news is, I get to catch up on blogging and reading blogs! I have a couple of posts pending and I can't wait to share!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a pilates deal online and I finally redeemed it this Monday. I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous studio. While waiting for class to start, I couldn't help but feel a little sad that this beautiful space is used for pilates and not living! The high ceiling makes the room feel roomy and light and the sky lights brighten up even the darkest corner. Oh well, I guess at least I get to enjoy an hour of pilates here every now and then!

2845 California St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 567-4349

Tell me this original fireplace is not the cutest thing ever! It should be in a chic hipster's living room, not the group pilates work out room!

My first pilates experience went quite well. It was a beautiful afternoon and lucky for me, everyone else decided to go enjoy the sun instead of pilates so I got an hour of private pilates training with the instructor! I was initially really nervous since I've never done a pilates class before but the instructor knew right away that I used to dance and even tailored a lot of our class to my Bikrim yoga practice and my previous dance experience. Pilates reminded me a lot of dance conditioning-- focusing a lot on your center and lots of leg lifts! I was a little disappointed about the level of working out I got but the instructor mentioned that I really am hardly a beginner and should really be doing intermediate classes. After one beginner's class, I have now graduated to intermediate! Unfortunately, my schedule conflicts with the intermediate class-- so I guess I'm just going to have to manage with the beginners!

Speaking of fitness, I just wanted to let you guys take a peep inside my work drawer.

Obviously, this is where I stash all my junk food! I've been soooo good about that giant bag of shrimp chips though. It's been sitting here for about three weeks and I've had several moments of weakness where I almost opened it but I held off until today. It's ok though.. I did p90 abs this morning and will finish my day off with Bikrim yoga! :)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous mid week day!