July 02, 2011

Suite Life

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!!
It's a little late but here is a glimpse of our sweet suite in Vegas at the Westgate Towers of Planet Hollywood!
PH Westgate Towers
Where the magic happens
Omgaaah. I wanted to die when I saw this couch... I.. NEED...IT.. NOW!!! It matches my pink Samsonite perfectly! Btw.. in case you're curious to where I scored my sweet little luggage, the answer is "I got it at Ross"! *Ross jingle starts* I paid $79.99 (plus tax) for this little cutie and the best part of it is? I was about to pay $300 at the Samsonite OUTLET about two weeks before I found this little gem at Ross. Same exact thing. What a deal right?
Zebra couch
The boys finished this bottle in one night. I know this looks teeny weeny but it was actually costco sized (I believe...)
Welcome to Vegas
Here are some shot of the room-- the pics are stolen from my dear friend Sean! They're a bit fuzzy but I'm sure you guys get the picture!
Projector screen

Room with the hot tub!

Hope everyone enjoy the long weekend and the gorgeous weather! If the weather is gorgeous here in foggy SF, I can only imagine how gorg it must be everywhere else!



alice san said...

Aaaa!!! LAS VEGAS!!! my favorite place.:P i sure u really enjoying it right:)

C. said...

LOL your suitcase stands out so much, i love it!

Mizz Entice said...

I have not yet had the pleasure of going to vegas..but I need to go immediately!! Your suite looks so beautiful!


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