July 30, 2011

Speak Easy

What a night last night! The five of us-- Emmett, Mr. Dub, Lisa, Denise and myself-- started off the happy hour at Speakeasy, a brewery here in SF. It's pretty interesting because it's a warehouse setting in the middle of Hunter's Point (not the best of neighborhood in the city). Speakeasy brews a couple of pretty popular beers like Big Daddy I.P.A., Prohibition Ale and White Ligntening. On Friday's they open the warehouse and have an open house known as "Frickin' Friday" where people are invited to go in and drink! Sounds like a plan to us!!

I walked up not knowing what to expect inside!

1195 Evans Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
Neighborhood: Bayview/Hunters Point

The place is literally a warehouse with barrels used as tables and no where to sit. Lisa said it's the perfect place for singles and I definitely have to agree! Here is a crappy photo I managed to snap to show you guys what the inside looks like followed by some camwhore pictures! Enjoy!

We each got the deal of two beers and a souvenir glass for $10 but me being the cheap  date that I am, got pretty buzzed after one beer and gave my second away! Shortly after our beers, we decided to head over to another bar to continue our night. Unfortunately, I failed to snap any pictures of the roof top bar and I really wish I did.. it was such a cute spot! Too bad it was located in the Tenderloin district (a pretty rough neighborhood as well) and while walking to our car, Denise and I spotted some guy who looked drugged up injecting a syringe into his neck. It was quite horrific and just walking in that area at night time makes me nervous. 

I'll probably be back another time to the rooftop bar and hopefully I'll have enough sense to remember to take pics!
 Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I'll be going for some soul food tonight and can't wait to share!!


Lovelyladyjb said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I enjoy beer, but I am usually buzzed after one beer too! :) *cheap date syndrome*

New follower! I love your blog! I will definitely be back for more fun stories :)

mNg said...

Glad that you had a fun time but please be careful if you do go back to those rough neighborhoods :)

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