July 29, 2011

Olive Juice, you too!

 *If you're a Family Guy kinda girl (or guy) you'll get my title!

Happy Friday everyone!

I've got a pretty packed weekend coming up and kicking it off tonight with happy hour at Speak Easy for their "Frickin' Friday's". Already sounds like a good time huh?

I just wanted to show everyone some pictures of my favorite olive green eyeliner! It gives my eyes a much softer look than my usual heavy black liner and I'm loving all the sparkles!

The liner I use is MAC's Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line. Don't let the name fool you because there's nothing black about this liner! I love how the color is dark enough to get my eyes lined but less harsh than your normal black liner. The only think that I don't like about this liner (and all of these Pearlgliden liners in general) is how soft they are. I know most people actually like soft pencils but I find it really hard to make my liner thin with a soft tip pencil and they need to be sharpened after every use! Maybe I'm just being lazy.

See? When I have my eyes opened, you can hardly tell it's olive instead of black but the sparkles are apparent and this liner definitely wears all day long without smudging, even on my water line!

Ta-dah.. Finished product. Definitely a wearable color and not as boring as your usual brown or black!

I have a slight confession... I actually photoshopped (with photoshop express on my iphone) the two pictures of my eye close up! I usually don't photoshop my pictures because I have a fear of people looking at my perfectly photoshopped pictures and then see me in person and get disappointed but my iphone camera always makes my skin look so yucky up-close! I didn't want everyone to see all my pores and freckles! So vain. hehe..

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Jen said...

Love the eyeliner on you and what is photoshop express on the phone! Never heard of it! And agree, I do photoshop my face sometimes b/c I don't like to see my freckles and imperfections :) It is common, most bloggers do. Happy Weekend!


mNg said...

Oh dear! I'm in love with your eyeliner. Makes me wanna go get one right away.

charlene-ann said...

love your hair!! and love the look :D

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