July 23, 2011

NOTD: Gelish Pink Sparkles

I should really call this Nails of the Next Three Weeks since I went back to getting UV gel manicures and they literally lasts for three weeks! I can never turn down anything pink and sparkly so when my manicurist seated me and showed me color samples, this instantly caught my eye!

A couple months ago, I posted an article Eva had sent me about aging hands and skin cancer as a consequence of UV gel. Well new studies show that the level of UV rays are too minimal to cause skin cancer so I've since reverted back to these manicures. I can't say no to non-chip nails! And look so they sparkle and shine! Just make sure you wear sun screen on your hands!

Not sure what this color is called, all I know is that this is Gelish #39!

Have you tried UV gel manicures yet?


Little Petite said...

They look super cute, I love the color! I have always wanted to try gel nails but I never have:/

-Adriana Little Petite

Miss Delirium said...

OMG I lovvvve it:)
I do UV gel nails on myself and on some of my friends from time to time. Love doing it:)
I kinda have a hard time turning down anything pink and sparkly myself...he he:)

♥ tiffany said...

Thanks ladies!

Miss delirium... crazy that you do them yourself!

Tanya said...

These are great. They defiantly caught my attention. The sparkles make it pretty and I love pink.


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