July 23, 2011

Go Giants!

Last night Mr. W. and I joined my dad, uncle Ant and family friends for the Giants vs. Brewers game! Yay for free tickets! Unfortunately the Giants lost but it was still a good time nonetheless.

Here are some photowhoring pictures I took while waiting for Mr. W. to come pick me up!
Now some pictures of the amazing AT&T park. Definitely one of the most breathtaking ball parks around!

Although our seats were pretty high up, we were lucky enough to sit right behind the home plate!
Check out the Coca Cola bottle slide an the giant mitt! So cute!
We even got a free gift with our free tickets! Score! SFPD sleeping shirt!
During the 4th inning, Mr. W. and I went over the the other side of the park to get ourselves a delicious Crazy Crabz Sandwich. For $16, you get a delicious (but small) sandwich of buttery garlic toast and crab!

I have more photos after the jump!

Now more camwhoring at the park! By the way, I got a couple of totally cool iPhone apps that I want to share with you guys! I promise to make a separate post for those soon! 

 Here are some photos my uncle Ant took with his super fancy camera!

Gorgeous panoramic photo of the park

Dad, Auntie Cindy and me!

Me and Auntie Cindy

Auntie Cindy's daughter Crystle, Auntie Cindy and me!

My Mr. Dubs

That sums up my night at the ball park! Mr. W. and took a billion pictures with the official park cameras (lol) so I'll be posting those if I can when I find them!

I'm going to the State Fair in Sacramento tomorrow! So excited! Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather!


Little Petite said...

Cool, looks like you had a good time:)

Little Petite

Lisa said...

aww you look so pretty!! that crab sammie looks SO GOOD! i'm going to miss those giant games :( hehe

Sarah said...

Looks like such a fun time!

sarah saad said...

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