July 16, 2011


This is about a two week late post... (I'm so behind on posting some fun things I did in the past month) but I still wanted to introduce everyone to some of my favorite gals! We all went to high school together and occasionally we have some wild and much needed GNO! Because Mr. Dubs is super sweet (and not feeling well) he dropped us four girls off at the club and picked us back up afterwards!
Meet Ari, Kar(lynn) and Kar(leen)!

Ari, Karlynn,Karleen
Karleen and I always take a picture like this whenever we go out... you can see in our eyes that we were on the brink of being pretty wasted!

Karleen is such a little cutie! Here she is feeling herself!

And here is what she looks like when you tell her you don't want any more to drink...

Another GNO tonight... I'll try to post pics up quicker! :)

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