July 27, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Outerlands

This is a long overdue post of this cute little brunch spot that Mr. W. and I had tried a couple of weeks ago. The reason why this place is called the Outerlands is because it is located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. This restaurant is nothing like anything else in the area-- it's charmingly out of place. Mr. W. and I arrived promptly at 10 (when they open) and guess what? There was already a line by the door!

Initially, I refused to be seated outside. If you've ever been to San Francisco in the summer time then you know it's freezing cold. To my surprise, the outside areas are conveniently equipped with small heaters that actually kept me quite warm!

The waiter gave us each a menu and after 15 minutes of salivating over the menu, we finally decided on what to order!

I started off with a lemon ginger apple cider that got raving Yelp reviews. I thought it was just meh, a little too tart for my taste but Mr. Dubs loved it! Being a little beer head that he is, Mr. W. decided to order beer at 10AM and it arrived in a mason jar! So cute!

See what we ate after the jump!

I ordered the toast with strawberry rhubarb jam and butter because I wanted to try the jam. The bread was super fresh and so delicious and the jam has the perfect tang to it.

Now onto the good stuff! Mr. W. ordered their famous eggs in jail which is basically an egg in a hole in the bread with bacon and a side salad. Again, the bread was so fresh and with the egg and bacon together-- it was like an orgasm in my mouth. Even the side salad tasted extra fresh!

As for me, I ordered an open faced sandwich which consisted of a fried egg, portabello asparagus, caramelized onions, spinach, provolone and parmesean. Also delicious but not quite as orgasmic as the eggs in jail!

I can definitely see why there was a line forming right at 10 AM because I definitely won't mind waking up early to line up for Sunday brunch!

4001 Judah St
San Francisco, CA 94122
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset

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