July 12, 2011

Ellen's Birthday

Everyone I know knows that I'm the ultimate paparazzi when I have my little pink camera in my hand; the unfortunate thing is that I find uploading pics such a tedious chore and I absolutely hate it when I get bugged about it! Hence my taking a back seat to my paparazzo-ways! Here are some pics that I've finally uploaded from Ellen's birthday in June. (lol!) I snuck in one of me and Mr. Dubs at the bottom because he gets all sensitive (in the cutest way) when I don't include him in my posts!

Ellen's birthday at Yoshi's

Denise and I doing our regular "Roomies" pic!

Mr. Dubs looking drunk even though he's not!

A pic I snuck in for Mr. Dubs because he looks so cutie!

Left over from B2B

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