July 16, 2011

Disneyland Fun

Someone please take me back to Disneyland!
Again.. these are a bit late but this gloomy SF weather is making me so depressed that I had to whip out these sunny Disneyland pictures I took a billion years ago (last month!).

Here we are picture whoring! I'm wearing those tiffabulous ears that Tessa bear made me! ♥ ♥ ♥
Of course we had to picture whore in the main entrance!
Me and Tessa's turn!
Then I had to let Alex, Tessa's boyfriend take one picture with her. >=O

So these are basically just a bunch of camerawhoring pics that I took with Tessa Bear and Mr. Dubs but I promise I have pics of more interesting things after the jump!

See.. like this tee-shirt. It's definitely swoon worthy nerd status! 

Can't go to Disneyland without getting their famous turkey leg!! I had to battle Mr. W. to get a bite of our turkey leg since he was hogging it all to himself.

Disneyland is so pretty. Not an inch of it is not perfectly marketed-- I don't think I can ever get sick of going there. Here is the view before the World of Color. Sorry I didn't get to snap any pics during the show .. I was too busy relishing in it's wonder!

But I did get to snap a couple of pictures of the new Little Mermaid ride. One time was enough.. it's obviously build to attract little girls.
Awe.. one of my favorite scenes in the movie.. Kiss the Girl!

I also kicked Mr. W's butt in the Buzz Lightyear game! Whooo! More than doubled!
 Home is where the heart is! Of course we had to snap a picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!!

And here's a picture of the castle that Mr. W. promise to buy me one day! I'm going to hold him to it!

Viola! My Disneyland adventure. One day was not enough and Mr. W. and I have plans to go back soon! I hope it's sooner rather than later... or maybe during the holidays. It's always so lit up and beautiful there during the holidays!

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