July 26, 2011

A Day at the State Fair

This Sunday Mr. W. took me to the California State Fair up in Sacramento! It was scorching hot-- what a change from the gray weather here in San Francisco!

First stop was Lucille's. Mr. W. and I are both big barbecue fans and Lucille's is one of our favorite places to go!

I've never been to the California State Fair but I went to the OC Fair the previous two years so I pretty knew what to expect. We were disappointed by the variety of food but the rides looked really crazy. I never really go on fair rides because they always look not too safe!

There was this fun house type thing with a Michael Jackson theme. Not going to lie but that Michael Jackson figure is super scary!

Time to camwhore as usual!

It was so sunny and hot that Mr. W. couldnt keep his eyes opened! Poor thing!

There were so much alcohol! My favorite of the day was this white strawberry zin. It tasted just like a slushie!

At the en of the day, Mr. W. was so tired that he went for a 10 minute massage. The guy was really good and used so much pressure to take out knots in his back.

Mr. W. and I both got fairly buzzed during the fair. It was a fun end to a fun weekend! :) tonight we're going to a yelp event and I'll be sure to snap some pictures to update you guys!

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

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