July 30, 2011

Speak Easy

What a night last night! The five of us-- Emmett, Mr. Dub, Lisa, Denise and myself-- started off the happy hour at Speakeasy, a brewery here in SF. It's pretty interesting because it's a warehouse setting in the middle of Hunter's Point (not the best of neighborhood in the city). Speakeasy brews a couple of pretty popular beers like Big Daddy I.P.A., Prohibition Ale and White Ligntening. On Friday's they open the warehouse and have an open house known as "Frickin' Friday" where people are invited to go in and drink! Sounds like a plan to us!!

I walked up not knowing what to expect inside!

1195 Evans Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
Neighborhood: Bayview/Hunters Point

The place is literally a warehouse with barrels used as tables and no where to sit. Lisa said it's the perfect place for singles and I definitely have to agree! Here is a crappy photo I managed to snap to show you guys what the inside looks like followed by some camwhore pictures! Enjoy!

We each got the deal of two beers and a souvenir glass for $10 but me being the cheap  date that I am, got pretty buzzed after one beer and gave my second away! Shortly after our beers, we decided to head over to another bar to continue our night. Unfortunately, I failed to snap any pictures of the roof top bar and I really wish I did.. it was such a cute spot! Too bad it was located in the Tenderloin district (a pretty rough neighborhood as well) and while walking to our car, Denise and I spotted some guy who looked drugged up injecting a syringe into his neck. It was quite horrific and just walking in that area at night time makes me nervous. 

I'll probably be back another time to the rooftop bar and hopefully I'll have enough sense to remember to take pics!
 Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I'll be going for some soul food tonight and can't wait to share!!

July 29, 2011

Olive Juice, you too!

 *If you're a Family Guy kinda girl (or guy) you'll get my title!

Happy Friday everyone!

I've got a pretty packed weekend coming up and kicking it off tonight with happy hour at Speak Easy for their "Frickin' Friday's". Already sounds like a good time huh?

I just wanted to show everyone some pictures of my favorite olive green eyeliner! It gives my eyes a much softer look than my usual heavy black liner and I'm loving all the sparkles!

The liner I use is MAC's Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line. Don't let the name fool you because there's nothing black about this liner! I love how the color is dark enough to get my eyes lined but less harsh than your normal black liner. The only think that I don't like about this liner (and all of these Pearlgliden liners in general) is how soft they are. I know most people actually like soft pencils but I find it really hard to make my liner thin with a soft tip pencil and they need to be sharpened after every use! Maybe I'm just being lazy.

See? When I have my eyes opened, you can hardly tell it's olive instead of black but the sparkles are apparent and this liner definitely wears all day long without smudging, even on my water line!

Ta-dah.. Finished product. Definitely a wearable color and not as boring as your usual brown or black!

I have a slight confession... I actually photoshopped (with photoshop express on my iphone) the two pictures of my eye close up! I usually don't photoshop my pictures because I have a fear of people looking at my perfectly photoshopped pictures and then see me in person and get disappointed but my iphone camera always makes my skin look so yucky up-close! I didn't want everyone to see all my pores and freckles! So vain. hehe..

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

July 28, 2011

Apple of My Eye

Got some new clothes for my phone and decided to add some blingers!

Apple is best served sparkly!

July 27, 2011

City By the Nom(Bay)

Yesterday I went to a Yelp Elite event at Nombe with Mr. W. as my +1. Even though I promised to snap some pics, I definitely got a little too drunk after two glasses of wine, half of a sake sangria and a watermelon cocktail and didn't take any pics at all... except for these three. *bows head in shame*

Here's a pic of some Yelp merchandise that us, elites, get to grab a handful of at each event! I swear that the Yelpstick is the most moisturizing chapstick ever! Keeps my lippies nice and smooth!

As far as food, we only get to sample some appetizers and we had chicken wings, edamame dip with taro chips (YUM!), eggplant and rice balls. Can't say I'm dying to go back for a meal but I can imagine it to be a fun happy hour spot!

2491 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Mission

A close look at the Yelp pen!

It reads:
Yelpers have the write stuff.
(pen intended)

I have another Yelp event that I may be going in August and I promise this time I'll take more pics and maybe drink less... maybe.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular week!

Feast Your Eyes: Outerlands

This is a long overdue post of this cute little brunch spot that Mr. W. and I had tried a couple of weeks ago. The reason why this place is called the Outerlands is because it is located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. This restaurant is nothing like anything else in the area-- it's charmingly out of place. Mr. W. and I arrived promptly at 10 (when they open) and guess what? There was already a line by the door!

Initially, I refused to be seated outside. If you've ever been to San Francisco in the summer time then you know it's freezing cold. To my surprise, the outside areas are conveniently equipped with small heaters that actually kept me quite warm!

The waiter gave us each a menu and after 15 minutes of salivating over the menu, we finally decided on what to order!

I started off with a lemon ginger apple cider that got raving Yelp reviews. I thought it was just meh, a little too tart for my taste but Mr. Dubs loved it! Being a little beer head that he is, Mr. W. decided to order beer at 10AM and it arrived in a mason jar! So cute!

See what we ate after the jump!

July 26, 2011

A Day at the State Fair

This Sunday Mr. W. took me to the California State Fair up in Sacramento! It was scorching hot-- what a change from the gray weather here in San Francisco!

First stop was Lucille's. Mr. W. and I are both big barbecue fans and Lucille's is one of our favorite places to go!

I've never been to the California State Fair but I went to the OC Fair the previous two years so I pretty knew what to expect. We were disappointed by the variety of food but the rides looked really crazy. I never really go on fair rides because they always look not too safe!

There was this fun house type thing with a Michael Jackson theme. Not going to lie but that Michael Jackson figure is super scary!

Time to camwhore as usual!

It was so sunny and hot that Mr. W. couldnt keep his eyes opened! Poor thing!

There were so much alcohol! My favorite of the day was this white strawberry zin. It tasted just like a slushie!

At the en of the day, Mr. W. was so tired that he went for a 10 minute massage. The guy was really good and used so much pressure to take out knots in his back.

Mr. W. and I both got fairly buzzed during the fair. It was a fun end to a fun weekend! :) tonight we're going to a yelp event and I'll be sure to snap some pictures to update you guys!

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

July 23, 2011

Go Giants!

Last night Mr. W. and I joined my dad, uncle Ant and family friends for the Giants vs. Brewers game! Yay for free tickets! Unfortunately the Giants lost but it was still a good time nonetheless.

Here are some photowhoring pictures I took while waiting for Mr. W. to come pick me up!
Now some pictures of the amazing AT&T park. Definitely one of the most breathtaking ball parks around!

Although our seats were pretty high up, we were lucky enough to sit right behind the home plate!
Check out the Coca Cola bottle slide an the giant mitt! So cute!
We even got a free gift with our free tickets! Score! SFPD sleeping shirt!
During the 4th inning, Mr. W. and I went over the the other side of the park to get ourselves a delicious Crazy Crabz Sandwich. For $16, you get a delicious (but small) sandwich of buttery garlic toast and crab!

I have more photos after the jump!

NOTD: Gelish Pink Sparkles

I should really call this Nails of the Next Three Weeks since I went back to getting UV gel manicures and they literally lasts for three weeks! I can never turn down anything pink and sparkly so when my manicurist seated me and showed me color samples, this instantly caught my eye!

A couple months ago, I posted an article Eva had sent me about aging hands and skin cancer as a consequence of UV gel. Well new studies show that the level of UV rays are too minimal to cause skin cancer so I've since reverted back to these manicures. I can't say no to non-chip nails! And look so they sparkle and shine! Just make sure you wear sun screen on your hands!

Not sure what this color is called, all I know is that this is Gelish #39!

Have you tried UV gel manicures yet?

Road to Hot Bod: The Beginning

I'm finally starting to exercise consistently like I used to. That damn vacation I had a month ago really messed up my schedule! It only took three weeks to spoil six months worth of working out relentlessly.

Yesterday was my day off so I decided it was time to get back to yoga and gym. Started the day with p90 (courtesy of Tessa) then a bowl of oatmeal before Bikrim Yoga!

I even had time to take the doggies to get groomed, go in for my monthly wax appointment and did my nails before heading out to the Giants game. Talk about a busy day off!

Here are pics of Beebs and Baby before and after their spa day at the groomers!

They desperately needed that haircut and yes, they ride in style in their car seat!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

July 20, 2011

July 19, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Woodhouse Fish Company

Another happy hour means more dollar oysters! This time we ventured to Woodhouse Fish Grill here in San Francisco and feasted on clam chowder, oysters, lobster roll and crab melt. San Francisco may be foggy, rainy and depressingly cold but the food is absolutely amazing and that alone is enough for me to put up with the crappy weather! See for yourself...!

We started off with the Hartford clam chowder-- a traditional creamy chowder with a dash of tomato chowder in the center.
Hartford chowder
Then Mr. W. and I shared a dozen oysters -- we ended up consuming a whopping 18 oysters together. The oysters were not too big and not too small; sweet but still has that oyster taste. Yum. If you're a true oyster slurper, you know it's only good with horseradish (even better with wasabi) and though most restaurants are unaware luckily for us, Woodhouse knew better!
Slurp worthy oysters
Then came the crab melt. While my grumbling stomach was most excited to take a bite out of this cheesey delight, it is with regret that I tell you this-- the crab melt fell very short of being a crab melt. If I didn't know better, I would've guessed it was a tuna melt. Such a shame.
Is it crab or tuna in there? >:0
I saved the best for last. At $26 a pop, please meet the infamous Woodhouse Fish Company lobster roll. Hmmmmmmm. The photo doesn't do justice. The lobster pieces were large and juicy. A chunk of lobster accompanied every bite and the freshness of the lobster had my taste buds dancing for joy. If served with cookies, this could easily be my last meal on Earth.
$26 lobster fiesta!
We ended up spending $41 (each) on happy hour. Was it worth the money? Every penny. Will I ever be back? Hell yes! If you're ever in San Francisco, I highly recommend you giving your taste buds a treat and check this place out!

1914 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115

The best part of our happy hour? There was an elderly couple on a date seated next to us enjoying oysters. So sweet. I hope when I get old, Mr. Dubs will still take me on dates. :) 

Made with Love

And served to me while in bed! That Mr. Dubs is too sweet!