June 13, 2011

Kitty-Ed Up!

When I heard that Hello Kitty is teaming up with Vans to release a line of shoes, I knew I had go check
them out! Though Vans are hardly my style, I couldn't help myself! All the other styles were too young, so I went with the most wearable pair. Poor Mr. Dubs, he had to drive me from San Francisco to Palo Alto (and we made it on the dot at 6) to get these babies!

Adult sizes are $50 but kids drop down to $37. I'm not sure if I would've paid $50 for a pair of Vans but luckily that wasn't the case! Lucky for me, I was able to fit in the kids size 4 (actually a little big but I ripped the tags off already).

Honestly, I probably won't be wearing these often but you can't call yourself a HK lover if you didn't get a pair! Which pair would you get?

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