June 13, 2011

Rat tat tat tat!

Tattoo time! Mr. Dubs finally realized what a jealous monster he is and decided to tattoo a Haya mask on his chest that signifies jealousy. True! He's the most jealous person I know! One time he was standing across the room in a club and some guy said "Excuse me" to me and Mr. W. got all worked up asking me what that guy said to me! Lol. Jealousy at it's worst!

Mr. W. chose to get this particular piece done at Goldfield's Tattoo Parlor on Broadway St. in San Francisco. His artist's name is Steven and he did an amazing job! Steven only works part time here in SF-- the other part he's in Hawaii! So if you want to catch this amazingly talented artist, you better call quick!

Here is Mr. W. all ready to be tatted up!

We chose the perfect placement for his Haya mask! It looks so evil and intense!

Here is Steven working on Mr. Dubs. Poor guy, he was in so much pain!

First part is done! Mask outline, check! Next up is the background outline and the full shading.

After four hours of agony, his tattoo is finally done! Ooh la la.. Very sexy!