June 07, 2011


Nothing irks me quite like chipped nail polish, yellow and stained teeth and poor grammar.
Chipped nails.
How hard is it to remove nail polish? Is it necessary to let the polish chip and peel until it is a small speck on your nail? I actually read in Cosmo (my sort-of bible) that the trend is to let your manicure chip a bit. I truly believe that chipped manicures are tacky and a tell-tale sign of laziness. Guess I'm just not on point with my trends!
Yellow teeth.
Yellow teeth can dim even the brightest smile. Trust me. Nothing ruins a pretty smile quite like yellow and stained teeth! Try Crest whitening strips-- takes about 15minutes a day but works like magic! If you're a coffee fiend, try drinking it out of a straw. I know it sounds strange but better strange than yellow teeth!
Poor grammar.
Lastly but most offensive of all, poor grammar. While I am totally forgiving and guilty of one-time offenses of poor grammar, I just wish people paid more attention to their usage of words. Get your "your" and "you're"'s right. Know the difference between "then" and "than". Anyone who went through 5th grade English class will know better. If you don't know better then it's probably time to pick up a book.