June 15, 2011

Blinging Out of Control!

I guess someone finally decided to answer my prayers for more Hello Kitty and more bling because I heard news today that Hello Kitty will be joining Swarovski to make dreams come true for little (and big) girls everywhere! As if Hello Kitty needs more bling, that girl (cat) is already blinging out of control!

Check out some of the few pictures I was able to find of the collection-- I can't wait to get my hands onto those blingers but I can already mentally see money flying out of my checking account. Being a Hello Kitty girl is expensive!
She is the epitome of the HK girl!

Bling Bling!
I love that little blinged out figurine and I can only imagine how much it'll cost!

Check out more pictures after the jump!

Now this crystal Hello Kitty is to die for. It's such a classic piece and if Mr. W. is serious about building me a Hello Kitty room one day, I think this would be the perfect piece on my vanity. *ahem* I also really really love that necklace-- it's the same one that the girl is wearing in the promo pic.

The rest of the collection is a little too childish looking for my taste. I feel like they're expensive version of all the jewelry already in Sanrio.

Except I might just go for those red bow earrings. I love the drop but they can use a thinner chain for sure.
Can't wait to see it in person-- from what little information I found, looks like we won't have to wait long! Rumor has it, this collection will be making it's debut in August! Better start saving up!

P.S. Just ran the spell check and every version of the word "bling" was prompted for correction. Mr. Webster, I believe it's time to add it into that famous dictionary of yours!

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