June 28, 2011


When I lived in OC, I rarely ventured out to check out the cool food. Biggest regret. Now that I'm back in the city, I make it a point to try something new as often as possible and when I went back down to the OC, I managed to fit in a very special little place into my tough schedule of revisiting old favorites.

Bruxie has raving reviews on Yelp and rightfully so! Even though the line mirrored a Disneyland line, we got our food promptly and finished in no time. Mr. Dubs and I ordered the buttermilk waffles with fried chicken and waffles with eggs, bacon and cheese. YUM!

Waffle with fried chicken

Waffle with egg, bacon and cheese
The waffle batter was nice and light, it made consuming these heart attack worthy waffle sandwiches easy. I didn't walk away feeling like a grease ball at all! If you're ever in Orange County, be sure to check it out!
Next up is my OOTD for Disneyland. I know it looks like a dress but why the heck would I wear a dress to Disneyland? It's a romper! What a trickster right?

Romp Romp Romp.
I was also excited to wear my feather headband that I had recently purchased from a friend of mine. She hand makes them! I love the colors of this particular one but am excited to go back for one with brighter feathers.
Feather Headband
I didn't wear my headband for long since Tessa Bear gave me my custom ears shortly after we met up and I wore my lovely ears all day!
Me and Mr. Dubs
I have so many more photos from my week long vacation.. can't wait to post them all!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. It's pouring here in SF now.. definitely making me miss the scorching Vegas weather!


a, said...

fried chicken and waffle? OMG! that actually sounds like a good combination


lol @ not feeling like a grease ball when you walked away! haha that was the funniest thing that i read all day!

aahh, fried chicken & waffle.. yikes.. sounds yummy & dangerous!