June 14, 2011

Good Fortune

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The last hour at work always feels like a million years long....zZzZzz.
I've been pretty slow with my bloggin' lately (with the exception of last night) and it's because I've been super tired from work. I feel like I'm being worked like a cow but all's well once I remember my dream house and my upcoming vacation! Basically my vacation kicks off this Saturday with the Britney&Nicki concert. Then I have one more day of work on Monday and then I'm off to Socal and Vegas! I'm super excited to go Disneyland and finally see the World of Color!

I've also got some vacationing planned waaay ahead of time-- like Coachella in April of 2012! Then, I want to sneak away to the tropics for my big 2-5. GASP. Moving on into my late twenties. It's going to my the last year I can say "I'm old enough to know better but young enough to care."

Sunday night was my friend Randy's graduation celebration-- he got his masters from Stanford in Mechanical Engineer. Nerd status! To celebrate, we all went to Santa Row and ate at Maggiano's. Being the little prankster, Mr. W. decided to buy a bag of fortune cookies with adult fortunes!

See, they look like normal fortune cookies!

See what NSFW fortune I got after the jump!
Haha! There were other pretty funny ones too but I didn't snap a shot of them. Bummer!
But with very very naughty fortunes!
Oh yea, I also snapped a shot of this while driving in the Castro area of San Francisco. Breast cancer awareness is everywhere and it's nice that the pink ribbon has become so iconic and influential!
Alright.. finally almost time for me to go home! Hope everyone is having a fabulous afternoon!

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