June 28, 2011


When I lived in OC, I rarely ventured out to check out the cool food. Biggest regret. Now that I'm back in the city, I make it a point to try something new as often as possible and when I went back down to the OC, I managed to fit in a very special little place into my tough schedule of revisiting old favorites.

Bruxie has raving reviews on Yelp and rightfully so! Even though the line mirrored a Disneyland line, we got our food promptly and finished in no time. Mr. Dubs and I ordered the buttermilk waffles with fried chicken and waffles with eggs, bacon and cheese. YUM!

Waffle with fried chicken

Waffle with egg, bacon and cheese
The waffle batter was nice and light, it made consuming these heart attack worthy waffle sandwiches easy. I didn't walk away feeling like a grease ball at all! If you're ever in Orange County, be sure to check it out!
Next up is my OOTD for Disneyland. I know it looks like a dress but why the heck would I wear a dress to Disneyland? It's a romper! What a trickster right?

Romp Romp Romp.
I was also excited to wear my feather headband that I had recently purchased from a friend of mine. She hand makes them! I love the colors of this particular one but am excited to go back for one with brighter feathers.
Feather Headband
I didn't wear my headband for long since Tessa Bear gave me my custom ears shortly after we met up and I wore my lovely ears all day!
Me and Mr. Dubs
I have so many more photos from my week long vacation.. can't wait to post them all!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. It's pouring here in SF now.. definitely making me miss the scorching Vegas weather!

June 27, 2011

The Big One

Happy one year (and one day) anniversary to my Mr. W. Best year ever and I'm looking forward to more! <3<3<3

June 25, 2011

Double Fistin'

Because one wasn't enough yesterday, I came back for two today!

Drinking like a champ!

June 24, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Vegas!

My drink is almost as big as I am!!

June 23, 2011

Just Sayin'

"Women fall in love with what they hear and men fall in love with what they see. That's why women dress sexy and men lie."


House of Mouse

The house of mouse just got a little more fabulous thanks to a hottie named Tessa!
In case you're wondering just how hot, here's some validation.
She so hot. Mr. Dubs should be jealous!

June 20, 2011

Femme Fatale

This Saturday I went to the Nicki Minaj/Britney Spears concert and was pleasantly surprised. Not that I didn't enjoy my last Britney concert but compared to this one-- the Circus tour was super underwhelming. From the costumes to the dancing to her singing live, I was reminded of all the reasons why I love Britney Spears!

I know our seats look super close but that wasn't the case entirely.... Originally we had tickets for seats up in the nosebleeds-- literally the 2nd row to last. Luckily, Miss Karlynn Lee hooked us up and we moved all the way to the front. We can literally see her sweat on stage! Score!

Since Her Minajesty opened, we decided to put on our best wig and rock it out Nicki style! Her performance was interesting but her get ups were lackluster. I expected bright wigs and outrageous costumes but she donned a simple black wig and uninteresting outfits. I was impressed by the fact that she sang live completely and sounded really good! 

Putting on my best Nicki Minaj face

Miss KarTom and I enjoying our new seats!

Funniest part of the night, some really wasted girl came up to me and asked me to take a picture with her. She said "you look just like Nicki Minaj. I'm going to tell everyone that I met Nicki". LOL! Super funny!

I didn't get too many photos of the concert since I completely left my camera in my car. Super fail. Her stage, dancers and costumes were amazing. It was obvious that she was into the concert and you can feel her energy! She sang a lot of oldies (but goodies) that brought back many many middle/high school memories. My all-time favorite Britney song is "I'm a Slave 4 U" and I was so happy to see her perform it! She even used some of the orginal video moves (I know because I've spent hours trying to learn them all!). With that said, I was also a little disappointed as today's Britney is not quite the same as the I'm a Slave-era Britney. The moves weren't executed the same but seriously, I can't expect her to be able to dance at 29 the same as she did at 21!

Britney ended the show with "Till the World Ends" and she flew up like a butterfly! Loved it! I was ready to dance till the world ends! Britney is definitely back bitches and I'm ready for more!

June 17, 2011

NOTD: Sprinkles

Happy Friday everyone!
Looking foward into the weekend-- I have half day of work tomorrow then I'm off to Femme Fatale! Can't wait to use my pink wig and put on my best barbie face!

I did my nails last night and the finally product totally reminds me of cupcakes and sprinkles! I used OPI's Date to-Knight and Color Cube's 875 Hot Couture. I'm definitely loving the combination together!

I also used the Seche Vite for the first time and just as Eva W. described it, it dries within seconds. No more waiting for the nails to dry and definitely no more frustrating mess ups! I'm so impressed with this top coat that I'm planning on going back and buying a couple more bottles of it. Only down side is that it has a major odor but I can definitely compromise the smell for a waiting period of 10 seconds for my nails to dry!
Magin in a bottle!
I also caught this in my magazine and am dying to get me all the colors! I especially love the I Lilly Love You! Perfect for summer time!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

June 15, 2011

Blinging Out of Control!

I guess someone finally decided to answer my prayers for more Hello Kitty and more bling because I heard news today that Hello Kitty will be joining Swarovski to make dreams come true for little (and big) girls everywhere! As if Hello Kitty needs more bling, that girl (cat) is already blinging out of control!

Check out some of the few pictures I was able to find of the collection-- I can't wait to get my hands onto those blingers but I can already mentally see money flying out of my checking account. Being a Hello Kitty girl is expensive!
She is the epitome of the HK girl!

Bling Bling!
I love that little blinged out figurine and I can only imagine how much it'll cost!

Check out more pictures after the jump!

June 14, 2011

Good Fortune

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The last hour at work always feels like a million years long....zZzZzz.
I've been pretty slow with my bloggin' lately (with the exception of last night) and it's because I've been super tired from work. I feel like I'm being worked like a cow but all's well once I remember my dream house and my upcoming vacation! Basically my vacation kicks off this Saturday with the Britney&Nicki concert. Then I have one more day of work on Monday and then I'm off to Socal and Vegas! I'm super excited to go Disneyland and finally see the World of Color!

I've also got some vacationing planned waaay ahead of time-- like Coachella in April of 2012! Then, I want to sneak away to the tropics for my big 2-5. GASP. Moving on into my late twenties. It's going to my the last year I can say "I'm old enough to know better but young enough to care."

Sunday night was my friend Randy's graduation celebration-- he got his masters from Stanford in Mechanical Engineer. Nerd status! To celebrate, we all went to Santa Row and ate at Maggiano's. Being the little prankster, Mr. W. decided to buy a bag of fortune cookies with adult fortunes!

See, they look like normal fortune cookies!

See what NSFW fortune I got after the jump!

Polish Haul!

I love nail supply stores-- I feel like a little kid in a candy or toy store when I go in! Miss Eva took me to my new OPI heaven in San Jose. Ever since I moved back from Socal, I've been having my Skylark (my first experience with a nail supply store) withdrawals. Needless to say, I went a little overboard with my polish purchases and spent a good $45 there!

(top) Sweet Memories, Got a Date To-Knight, Elephantastic Pink

(bottom) Silver Shatter, White Shatter, Spark De Triomphe

(top) Color Cube 875 Hot Couture, AN01 Poptastic, 842 Sex Symbol

(bottom) CND Raspberry Parfait, China Glaze Snow Globe, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Can't wait to try them out on my hands and tootsies! If you look at the amount of polishes I bought, and the fact that they are all brand name, I think you would all agree that I got quite a deal! Can't wait to show some NOTD with my new polishes!

If you're interested and in the area, click here to check out their yelp page!

June 13, 2011

Face Time

Warning: this post contains very little substance but quite a bit of camwhoring!

First up is a cute little summer dress I picked up at a shop by my house! Totally reminds me of boutiques in socal! I had a hard time picking between pink and blue but ultimately decided to go with the pink! Can't wait to wear it on my vacation! (countdown: one more week!)

Took some photos of my FOTN before heading out for Eva's sister, Ellen's, birthday celebration!

My skin has been acting up lately, even bb cream makes me look oily. The only thing that makes me look non-oily and not overly made up is Bare Escentuals. (make up artists everywhere sqirms) I know it doesn't offer a whole lot of coverage but it works for me! Seee (below) my skin still looks fine!!

When it comes to clubbing, my make up routine is simple-- smokey eyes, nude lips and of course, big sexy hair!

Viola! And I'm ready to go dance my heart out!

Hope all you dolls had a lovely weekend!

Rat tat tat tat!

Tattoo time! Mr. Dubs finally realized what a jealous monster he is and decided to tattoo a Haya mask on his chest that signifies jealousy. True! He's the most jealous person I know! One time he was standing across the room in a club and some guy said "Excuse me" to me and Mr. W. got all worked up asking me what that guy said to me! Lol. Jealousy at it's worst!

Mr. W. chose to get this particular piece done at Goldfield's Tattoo Parlor on Broadway St. in San Francisco. His artist's name is Steven and he did an amazing job! Steven only works part time here in SF-- the other part he's in Hawaii! So if you want to catch this amazingly talented artist, you better call quick!

Here is Mr. W. all ready to be tatted up!

We chose the perfect placement for his Haya mask! It looks so evil and intense!

Here is Steven working on Mr. Dubs. Poor guy, he was in so much pain!

First part is done! Mask outline, check! Next up is the background outline and the full shading.

After four hours of agony, his tattoo is finally done! Ooh la la.. Very sexy!

Kitty-Ed Up!

When I heard that Hello Kitty is teaming up with Vans to release a line of shoes, I knew I had go check
them out! Though Vans are hardly my style, I couldn't help myself! All the other styles were too young, so I went with the most wearable pair. Poor Mr. Dubs, he had to drive me from San Francisco to Palo Alto (and we made it on the dot at 6) to get these babies!

Adult sizes are $50 but kids drop down to $37. I'm not sure if I would've paid $50 for a pair of Vans but luckily that wasn't the case! Lucky for me, I was able to fit in the kids size 4 (actually a little big but I ripped the tags off already).

Honestly, I probably won't be wearing these often but you can't call yourself a HK lover if you didn't get a pair! Which pair would you get?

June 07, 2011

Pinking of You

How do you fancy that?


Nothing irks me quite like chipped nail polish, yellow and stained teeth and poor grammar.
Chipped nails.
How hard is it to remove nail polish? Is it necessary to let the polish chip and peel until it is a small speck on your nail? I actually read in Cosmo (my sort-of bible) that the trend is to let your manicure chip a bit. I truly believe that chipped manicures are tacky and a tell-tale sign of laziness. Guess I'm just not on point with my trends!
Yellow teeth.
Yellow teeth can dim even the brightest smile. Trust me. Nothing ruins a pretty smile quite like yellow and stained teeth! Try Crest whitening strips-- takes about 15minutes a day but works like magic! If you're a coffee fiend, try drinking it out of a straw. I know it sounds strange but better strange than yellow teeth!
Poor grammar.
Lastly but most offensive of all, poor grammar. While I am totally forgiving and guilty of one-time offenses of poor grammar, I just wish people paid more attention to their usage of words. Get your "your" and "you're"'s right. Know the difference between "then" and "than". Anyone who went through 5th grade English class will know better. If you don't know better then it's probably time to pick up a book.