May 07, 2011

Work Out in the Park

I've been obsessed with working out lately-- if I'm not doing Bikram I'm at the gym or on the floor doing abs. I have high hopes of getting into fabulous shape by end of June! Even with my work out binge, Mr. W.'s mom could easily put me to shame. A mother of three and grandmother of four-- she runs marathons like they're nothing! In fact, she even finished one while pushing her grand daughter in a stroller! Crazy right? So when she showed me this event happening in SF called Work Out In the Park, I knew it was for serious gym rats only!

Basically the title says it all, it's an event taken place in a park environment while doing group exercise! I ended up going with AriPoo that day and not only did I get a great work out but I came home with tons of goodies and an awful sunburn too!
Decided to go make up less (I needed my brows tho!)
I was surprised by the turn out. I thought it was just literally work out in a park and few people would show up but turns out, it was sponsored by Self magazine and Crunch gyms! I've been wanting to try a Crunch gym for a while now since they have anti-gravity yoga!

It was such a fun day of work out! We started out with this Bollywood dancing turned into a cardio work out class. It was interesting, almost like a Zumba meets Bollywood. Next we did a kick ass class of kick boxing-esque kind of thing. It kicked our butts so hard that we decided to sit out the next class! The class looked so fun that we couldn't resist and jumped right back in. Retro-robics was so much fun-- basically dance/aerobics move put into classic dance songs. When MJ's Thriller came on, I was definitely ready to get my groove on!

The next class was La Blast and it was super disappointing. It was choreographed by someone associated with Dancing with the Stars but the moves were too hard to execute on the grass! Beach Body was the one that got Ari and I stoked. We need to get bikini ready you know!

The very last class was my favorite-- it was a cool down work out class to Glee song's! Eeek! I'm a die hard gleek and had so much fun with it!

Ab Blast!
This is the main stage. I didn't mean to snap a pic of the woman's booty in front of me!
Working Hard!
Before we hopped in and started to work out, Ari and I decided to go around the booths and get our free goodies! We went around probably like 3 times to each booths and filled our bags to the brim! I even won the raffle at the end! Yay!

Don't judge! We paid to get in!
Here we are before working out! I swear, we look exactly like we did when we were sixteen! Could be because We both weren't wearing make up!
Our teeth glows in the dark!
Here we are after our work out-- as you can see, our faces got all red and we look way more tired!
After our work out, we decided to take a trip to the pier and eat some crabs! Unforunately for us, it took us almost 45 minutes to find our car. Typical Ari and Tiff-- the sad thing is, we even made an effort to remember where we parked too! I guess we just got way too excited catching up since we don't really see each other that often!

Joe's Crab Shack was our lovely dining choice for the day! I bet Mr. W. was super jealous since it's his favorite crab spot!

I ordered my usual, the classic steam pot. For some reason it was super spicy and burning my lips. Luckily for me, the manager walked to our table to check on everything and when I told him, he actually brought out a new pot for me AND even let me take the spicy one home! We were in crab heaven!
Yum! Steam Pot!
Back home, I excitedly layed everything out on my bed but my excitement died when I saw this horrifying sun burn/tan lines. Grrrrrr. Ugly ugly tan lines... I hope it fades soon because it's definitey not cute!

I have to avoid wearing short sleeves now :(

Our Freebies!
If you're interested in trying the Work Out in the Park, I highly recommend it! I think they are going to Chicago and New York still.. but not sure. If you just google it, it'll pop up!

It was definitely a well spent $20 and a good day of work out, food and hanging out! Supposedly it was their 17th year of doing it-- you bet it I'll be back next year!



a, said...

the sunburn looks painful. i had shorts sunburn just like that from last year, and somehow the tanline stayed on my legs for like, 9months. lol it was so ugly! luckily nobody could see them under winter clothes and all.

♥ tiffabulous said...

It was so painful! It's much better now... but it's still an awful sight! You're lucky you got to cover yours with clothes!