May 09, 2011

Project Va Va Voom: Fail!

As you guys already know, a couple of months ago, I tried out Latisse-- thus launching my Project Va Va Voom. I gave up after a month and a half not because I didn't see results, but because the results were not enough; definitely not $120 enough!

The funny thing is, while I was using Latisse, my lashes definitely got longer, but no one ever said anything about them! Now that I stopped using it for almost a month, people are always complimenting me on my lashes. As promised, shortly after I stopped Latisse, my lashes reverted back to it's original state. I guess I just have good mascara!

See how it almost looks like falsies?!
I used to use a ton of name brand mascaras-- Giorgio Armani Maestro, Givenchy Phenomen Eyes, Benefit Bad Gal Lash and many more. Lately, I've been experimenting more with drugstore brand (so I can save up for my dream house instead!) mascaras. My two favorites are Cover Girl Lash Blast and Maybelline Falsies.

Maybelline Falsies was introduced to me by the amazing Tessa Phan. It definitely volumnizes very well. My only complaint is that it tends to clump when multiple coats are applied. I have to try to be extra light handed when applying.

Maybelline Falsies
The brush is slightly curved but it's super loose so it really does get to the tough spots!

Curved brush

Cover Girl's Lash Blast is ahh-mazing! Swear! I accidentally got it in brown but it works wonders! With one brush, my lashes already instantly look so much fuller!!
I don't Like the package as much as Falsies tho!

The Lash Blast brush has shorter bristles and the wand is stiff. It feels a lot like Dior's Iconic but I actually like the CG product more!

Short stiff bristles

I'm always on the hunt for effective mascara so please please let me know if you have one that I must try!

Happy lashing!