May 09, 2011

Happy Hour

Beautiful day in San Francisco calls for Happy Hour! Before I begin, I'd like to offer a quick Happy Hour 101.

1. When done right, Happy Hour will cost more than a regular meal. (Duh! Booze!)
2. If your table still has space for cell phones, extra napkins and salt&pepper, then you really didn't order enough.
3. You must avoid looking at the menu, instead look around (or on yelp) to see what to order-- time is precious during HH and must not be wasted pondering aimlessly at the menu.

With that said, I had a wonderful time at HH today!

So beautiful the bridge looks fake!

The girls got there before I did, an hour and a half to be exact. When I got there, they were already 75% done so I had a lot of catching up to do. We started with a two rounds of oysters!

I didn't snap a picture quick enough!
Then we ordered the much praised about grilled cheese. I honestly didn't care for it much because I didn't like the type of cheese they used but it was definitely worth trying!
It looks so soft and fluffy!
The last thing I had was the clam chowder. They're known for their chowder with a modern twist, sadly, I prefer my chowder the traditional way, thick, creamy and shell-less. With that said though, I did enjoy dunking my bread into the broth!

Not your traditional chowder!
This is not your typical Happy Hour; our bill totaled at $171! Even with my underwhelmed review, I must admit, it was worth the money!