May 04, 2011

Happy As a Clam

For our 10th anniversary, Mr. W. and I had originally made reservations for a nice restaurant that we've been dying to try out, but due to our nearing vacation, we decided to go somewhere more wallet friendly and equally lovely. By the way, by 10th anniversary, I really mean 10 months. Mr. W. prefers to celebrate by months-- I guess when our 1 year rolls around, it'll be our 12th anniversary!

Mr. W. took me to a place I've never heard of, which is rare because I'm an avid yelper-- anywhere worth knowing about, I know! The restaurant is located in Half Moon Bay and the drive is simply breath taking. It took me many tries to snap these pictures since my iPhone (or my fingers) have slow reaction!
This picture reminds me so much of the show the O.C.

The gorgeous coast reminds me so much of Southern California. This nice beachy weather is what defines California to me-- not our foggy and rainy San Francisco weather!
At dinner, we actually each ordered a glass of Chardonnay to go with our oysters. I'm not usually a big wine person but I decided to get a glass since we're celebrating!
For starters, we had 1/2 a dozen of raw oysters. They were so big, sweet and juicy! Definitely satisfied my oyster crave!
Slurp on!
Then we had the fried clam strips, fish and chips and clam chowder. The clam strips were my personal favorite of the meal. I was initially skeptical about the idea of fried clam strips but was pleasantly surprised. It was so sweet! As Mr. W. said, they tasted like deep fried candy!
The fish and chips was ok... it was Mr. W.'s favorite. I didn't really like the breading as much and I just don't think I'm a big fan of fish and chips!
The clam chowder was a perfect balance to our meal of deep fried goodies!
Deep fried candy
Massive fish and chips
clam chowder
Mr. W. snapped this photo of us holding hands before our food got there. He's such a cheeseball!!

Happy 10th (month) anniversary!



Tam said...

Hahahaha you got me! I really thought you meant 10 years. Which did made sense to me because of the asian aging process in your older post, I was like must be the good genes!

♥ tiffabulous said...

loL! I really hope that in 10 years I'll look the same!!

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