May 26, 2011


My pupster looks like a cat!

May 24, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Excuse me Miss Charlotte, but what is happening south of your ankles?

One of my favorite SATC shoe quotes!

Here's what's happening south of my ankles

It's graduation/wedding season and nothing compliments a flowery summer dress quite like a pair of nude wedges! Found these at Macy's for under $60! Another steal! Can't wait to pair them with a sun dress!

May 18, 2011

100th Annual Bay To Breakers

It was the 100th Anniversary of the infamous Bay to Breakers-- you better believe that we had plans to brave the predicted hail, rain and thunderstorms in our insect costumes to participate! Luckily for us, the weather people are always wrong and the day turned out to be beautiful!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Bay to Breakers, it is a 7 mile run that takes place from downtown San Francisco to somewhere by the beach. What sets this run aside is that traditionally, people dress(or undress) up in all sorts of crazies!

I woke up at 5:45 AM to check the status of the weather and was greeted pleasantly by a stormless day! Excitedly, I went home, dolled up and was ready to party. Mr. W., on the other hand, didn't dress up at all-- in fact, he didn't even bother to shave! Party pooper!

Unlike us girls, Mr.W. wasn't too keen on dressing up!
We decided to stick to a insect them! Eva as a bumblebee, Denise as a ladybug, Aimee and I as butterflies!
The Bay to Breakers also marked the beginning of the tutu making season! For my butterfly outfit, I chose to go with a blue, black and gray tutu. The color choice is very not me but matches the wings perfectly!

An hour of hard work!
It was 9AM and we were buzzin' (no pun intended!) and ready to go!

Flutter flutter!
There were so many people dressed up in crazy costumes but it was the nudies that had us in disbelieve. Of course we've always heard of all the nudists that comes out during b2b but seeing a grown man completely NUDE except for a mink coat is too much for me!

Here are some of the more memorable outfits of the day!
I like big butts and I cannot lie!
Gingerbread Man
Mr.W. and his butterfly princess!
See some NSFW pictures afte the jump!

May 16, 2011

This One's for the Boys with the Boomin' Systems..

Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away
Beating like a drum and it's coming your way
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass?
Everytime I hear this song, I can't help but turn up my music and jam to it like no other!

Mr. W. has been on his best behavior this weekend and we shared many good meals and good times! Our weekend pretty much revolved around our attendance of the 100th annual Bay to Breakers (will elaborate in another blog)!

Friday night was cold and dreary so Mr. W. and I decided to go get some hot and sizzling tofu soup! We went to the only place I knew that served tofu soup with tea rice in a stone pot!
Beef and Mushroom Tofu Soup!
Only place with tea rice!
On Saturday, Mr. W. spoiled me with steak and cream of corn over rice. It was his first time making steak and it came out short of perfection!

Steak corn and rice is always my favorite!
Lastly, Mr. W. bought me a Hello Kitty lunch box! Well, I pretty much tricked him into it-- he said if I could reach for it (it was sitting on the top of a high shelf) then he'd buy it for me. Guess what? There's an identical one sitting on the lowest shelf! Suckerr!
Can't wait to use my stylish new lunch box!
Will update the deets of the Bay to Breakers later on! Prepare for some NSFW images!

May 09, 2011

Happy Hour

Beautiful day in San Francisco calls for Happy Hour! Before I begin, I'd like to offer a quick Happy Hour 101.

1. When done right, Happy Hour will cost more than a regular meal. (Duh! Booze!)
2. If your table still has space for cell phones, extra napkins and salt&pepper, then you really didn't order enough.
3. You must avoid looking at the menu, instead look around (or on yelp) to see what to order-- time is precious during HH and must not be wasted pondering aimlessly at the menu.

With that said, I had a wonderful time at HH today!

So beautiful the bridge looks fake!

The girls got there before I did, an hour and a half to be exact. When I got there, they were already 75% done so I had a lot of catching up to do. We started with a two rounds of oysters!

I didn't snap a picture quick enough!
Then we ordered the much praised about grilled cheese. I honestly didn't care for it much because I didn't like the type of cheese they used but it was definitely worth trying!
It looks so soft and fluffy!
The last thing I had was the clam chowder. They're known for their chowder with a modern twist, sadly, I prefer my chowder the traditional way, thick, creamy and shell-less. With that said though, I did enjoy dunking my bread into the broth!

Not your traditional chowder!
This is not your typical Happy Hour; our bill totaled at $171! Even with my underwhelmed review, I must admit, it was worth the money!


Project Va Va Voom: Fail!

As you guys already know, a couple of months ago, I tried out Latisse-- thus launching my Project Va Va Voom. I gave up after a month and a half not because I didn't see results, but because the results were not enough; definitely not $120 enough!

The funny thing is, while I was using Latisse, my lashes definitely got longer, but no one ever said anything about them! Now that I stopped using it for almost a month, people are always complimenting me on my lashes. As promised, shortly after I stopped Latisse, my lashes reverted back to it's original state. I guess I just have good mascara!

See how it almost looks like falsies?!
I used to use a ton of name brand mascaras-- Giorgio Armani Maestro, Givenchy Phenomen Eyes, Benefit Bad Gal Lash and many more. Lately, I've been experimenting more with drugstore brand (so I can save up for my dream house instead!) mascaras. My two favorites are Cover Girl Lash Blast and Maybelline Falsies.

Maybelline Falsies was introduced to me by the amazing Tessa Phan. It definitely volumnizes very well. My only complaint is that it tends to clump when multiple coats are applied. I have to try to be extra light handed when applying.

Maybelline Falsies
The brush is slightly curved but it's super loose so it really does get to the tough spots!

Curved brush

Cover Girl's Lash Blast is ahh-mazing! Swear! I accidentally got it in brown but it works wonders! With one brush, my lashes already instantly look so much fuller!!
I don't Like the package as much as Falsies tho!

The Lash Blast brush has shorter bristles and the wand is stiff. It feels a lot like Dior's Iconic but I actually like the CG product more!

Short stiff bristles

I'm always on the hunt for effective mascara so please please let me know if you have one that I must try!

Happy lashing!


NOTD: OPI's Sweet Memories

My nails have been quite the snoozefest lately-- instead of trying new colors, I've just been recycling what worked the week before! This week, I was inspired by Kloe Kardashian! I saw on one of her shows that she had a light pink mani and it reminds me how simple and feminine a nice ballet slipper color can be on nails! The only one I found that is not too sheer is O.P.I's Sweet Memories.

I usually hate painting light pink on my own because it never turns out even but I got really lucky this time! I always choose to use a color more pink than nude just because I feel like nude makes my fingers look stubby! If you're looking for something that is sheer then this is probably not the color for you!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

It's so hard to keep this color sheer!

Add caption
It's definitely more pink than nude!

May 07, 2011

Work Out in the Park

I've been obsessed with working out lately-- if I'm not doing Bikram I'm at the gym or on the floor doing abs. I have high hopes of getting into fabulous shape by end of June! Even with my work out binge, Mr. W.'s mom could easily put me to shame. A mother of three and grandmother of four-- she runs marathons like they're nothing! In fact, she even finished one while pushing her grand daughter in a stroller! Crazy right? So when she showed me this event happening in SF called Work Out In the Park, I knew it was for serious gym rats only!

Basically the title says it all, it's an event taken place in a park environment while doing group exercise! I ended up going with AriPoo that day and not only did I get a great work out but I came home with tons of goodies and an awful sunburn too!
Decided to go make up less (I needed my brows tho!)
I was surprised by the turn out. I thought it was just literally work out in a park and few people would show up but turns out, it was sponsored by Self magazine and Crunch gyms! I've been wanting to try a Crunch gym for a while now since they have anti-gravity yoga!

It was such a fun day of work out! We started out with this Bollywood dancing turned into a cardio work out class. It was interesting, almost like a Zumba meets Bollywood. Next we did a kick ass class of kick boxing-esque kind of thing. It kicked our butts so hard that we decided to sit out the next class! The class looked so fun that we couldn't resist and jumped right back in. Retro-robics was so much fun-- basically dance/aerobics move put into classic dance songs. When MJ's Thriller came on, I was definitely ready to get my groove on!

The next class was La Blast and it was super disappointing. It was choreographed by someone associated with Dancing with the Stars but the moves were too hard to execute on the grass! Beach Body was the one that got Ari and I stoked. We need to get bikini ready you know!

The very last class was my favorite-- it was a cool down work out class to Glee song's! Eeek! I'm a die hard gleek and had so much fun with it!

Ab Blast!
This is the main stage. I didn't mean to snap a pic of the woman's booty in front of me!
Working Hard!
Before we hopped in and started to work out, Ari and I decided to go around the booths and get our free goodies! We went around probably like 3 times to each booths and filled our bags to the brim! I even won the raffle at the end! Yay!

Don't judge! We paid to get in!
Here we are before working out! I swear, we look exactly like we did when we were sixteen! Could be because We both weren't wearing make up!
Our teeth glows in the dark!
Here we are after our work out-- as you can see, our faces got all red and we look way more tired!
After our work out, we decided to take a trip to the pier and eat some crabs! Unforunately for us, it took us almost 45 minutes to find our car. Typical Ari and Tiff-- the sad thing is, we even made an effort to remember where we parked too! I guess we just got way too excited catching up since we don't really see each other that often!

Joe's Crab Shack was our lovely dining choice for the day! I bet Mr. W. was super jealous since it's his favorite crab spot!

I ordered my usual, the classic steam pot. For some reason it was super spicy and burning my lips. Luckily for me, the manager walked to our table to check on everything and when I told him, he actually brought out a new pot for me AND even let me take the spicy one home! We were in crab heaven!
Yum! Steam Pot!
Back home, I excitedly layed everything out on my bed but my excitement died when I saw this horrifying sun burn/tan lines. Grrrrrr. Ugly ugly tan lines... I hope it fades soon because it's definitey not cute!

I have to avoid wearing short sleeves now :(

Our Freebies!
If you're interested in trying the Work Out in the Park, I highly recommend it! I think they are going to Chicago and New York still.. but not sure. If you just google it, it'll pop up!

It was definitely a well spent $20 and a good day of work out, food and hanging out! Supposedly it was their 17th year of doing it-- you bet it I'll be back next year!


May 04, 2011

Happy As a Clam

For our 10th anniversary, Mr. W. and I had originally made reservations for a nice restaurant that we've been dying to try out, but due to our nearing vacation, we decided to go somewhere more wallet friendly and equally lovely. By the way, by 10th anniversary, I really mean 10 months. Mr. W. prefers to celebrate by months-- I guess when our 1 year rolls around, it'll be our 12th anniversary!

Mr. W. took me to a place I've never heard of, which is rare because I'm an avid yelper-- anywhere worth knowing about, I know! The restaurant is located in Half Moon Bay and the drive is simply breath taking. It took me many tries to snap these pictures since my iPhone (or my fingers) have slow reaction!
This picture reminds me so much of the show the O.C.

The gorgeous coast reminds me so much of Southern California. This nice beachy weather is what defines California to me-- not our foggy and rainy San Francisco weather!
At dinner, we actually each ordered a glass of Chardonnay to go with our oysters. I'm not usually a big wine person but I decided to get a glass since we're celebrating!
For starters, we had 1/2 a dozen of raw oysters. They were so big, sweet and juicy! Definitely satisfied my oyster crave!
Slurp on!
Then we had the fried clam strips, fish and chips and clam chowder. The clam strips were my personal favorite of the meal. I was initially skeptical about the idea of fried clam strips but was pleasantly surprised. It was so sweet! As Mr. W. said, they tasted like deep fried candy!
The fish and chips was ok... it was Mr. W.'s favorite. I didn't really like the breading as much and I just don't think I'm a big fan of fish and chips!
The clam chowder was a perfect balance to our meal of deep fried goodies!
Deep fried candy
Massive fish and chips
clam chowder
Mr. W. snapped this photo of us holding hands before our food got there. He's such a cheeseball!!

Happy 10th (month) anniversary!