April 14, 2011

Officially Licensed!

Yesterday was my big big testing day. After a couple of weeks of avid studying, I finally went to take my fire&casualty (property an auto) insurance licensing test! I woke up at the crack of dawn ti catch the bus since driving downtown always makes me nervous and parking is such a pain!

This is my textbook that I literally had to read back to back. Instead of taking a real in person class, I took 52 hours of online course. It was a 52 houred snoozefest and they actually time you so you have to sit through the entire thing! Zzzz!

That is my test building! The view downtown is so gorg but I would hate having to drive/take bus every single day!!

I arrived to my testing center way to early (about an hour early!!) because I was certain that if I didn't arrive that early-- I'd be late. I'm such a worry worm! While sitting down studying, this little kid comes up and sits next to me. I knew what was coming and I was so dreading it. :( he started by casually talking to me about the test then slowly asked me my age. I told him I'm 24 and guess how old he is? Take a guess! 18!! He's younger than my baby cousin. Ick!! As if that wasn't enough to stop his attempt, he continued to ask me if I had a boyfriend or kids. Some people just don't get it. I promptly ended it by politely excusing myself from that conversation to continue my studying! He didn't pass the test even though he was doing the easiest line of insurance-- auto only! Should've been studying instead of bugging me to see if I had kids!

My results? Pa-pa-pa-passed! Whooohoooo!

On my way back to the bus stop I found another Heart of San Francisco! It's not as meaningful as the other one but it certainly is still fun!

I'm really excited that I am officially licensed and cannot wait to see where this could take me. I feel like I'm ready to learn everything this job has to offer and use it to make a path, for myself, towards what I want! Next up, life insurance licensing and real estate!