April 05, 2011

Working Too Hard or Hardly Working?

Starting a new job is always super tiring but my new job is seriously burning me out like I've never experienced before! Maybe it's because I'm literally sitting in front of the computer and studying for 8 hours straight. Sad but I'm super excited to see where this can take me!

For now, I have to wear my glasses since staring at the computer for 8 hours seriously dries out my contacts. Here's my nerdy work look for now!

Parking at my new job is a serious pain in the butt and today I parked in a pretty skeptical spot.

See how its right at the paint but not quite blocking the driveway? I was so worried that I'd get towed-- people in San Francisco are super anal about their parking spots! They actually pay to get that little spot painted red so they can tow and ticket people!

Notice how Foxy isn't even blocking the driveway at all?!

So when I get to my car at 5.. I see a ticket! I was furious!!! They had no reason to write me a ticket at all! The driveway was not blocked and they can easily go into the garage! The whole way from work to Mr. W's house, I was thinking of how to contest it and how I was going to deliver a nasty letter to that house...

Luckily, Mr. W. made me wait for a bit and I took a closer look at the ticket! Foxy isn't a blue Jag!! And my license is not from Florida! The ticket is not for me!! That revelation was definitely the highlight of my day! Whew! A $90 ticket is so not the business! 

After I calmed down, I took this picture while waiting for Mr. W. Another beautiful day! The clouds look so dramatic-- perfect fit for a pretty dramatic drive I just had!

Hope everyone got to see clear blue skies with clouds in it today (minus all the drama)!



che said...

Ah you lucky gal! I would have thrown a fit, good thing it's not your ticket, heck I'm happy for you :) But sucks whoever the ticket belongs too, if they have no idea they have one floating around out there.

♥ tiffabulous said...

Thanks! I seriously lucked out on this one!

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