April 14, 2011

Urban Safari

First off, I need to give an honorable mention out to the sandwich my boss bought me today. It was so delicious that I seriously inhaled it! Take a look at this yummy Philly cheese steak sandwich-- to die for!

Moving on.. I just wanna show come steals I found this week! Since starting my new job, I had to start dressing more business casual. You'll definitely be seeing me buy way more work clothes in the next couple months!

Here's a basic high waisted black pencil skirt I found at H&M. Only $27! Steal! Can't go wrong with a black pencil skirt!

I'm sure by now you all know of my love affair with animal prints! I was stoked when I first saw this cardigan in a store. It's a carbon copy/knock off of a cashmere version I had spotted at Bloomies a couple months ago! I found this for $40 instead of $400 but still didn't want to splurge so much on a cardi! Luckily I didn't because the store is closing and everything is half off! You've got it! I bought it for $20! Score! Another steal!

Found this little pink number at H&M. Guess the price! $19.95! Major steal!!! I love heart shaped bodice-- it's so flattering on my chest! The only down side of this dress (and all H&M dresses) is that I have to seriously up sizes. I had to buy a size 8 in this dress! No kidding! It was definitely a blow in my ego and I almost left without upping to a size 8-- but for $19.95, I was willing to take that sucker punch!

Last but not least, I found this orange leopard scarf at a boutique store. Its super light weight, perfect for spring! The colors reminds me of a orange creamcicle. Yumm! This little scarf was $20. Not exactly a deal but not expensive either!

Put it together and what do you get? Viola!
Can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow!

Goodnight! (my last post, promise!)

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a, said...

awesome deals!! i always buy things on sale. if i don't, it's probably a good price already.