April 24, 2011

Shabu Away!

Ever since we discovered an all you can eat shabu shabu place in Irvine, Mr. W. and I simply cannot have enough of it! For those who are shabu shabu rookies, it's a Japanese style hot pot which literally translates to "swish swish". Sometimes I crave the taste of that spicy miso broth plus tons of garlic and ponzu sauce just to go with my rice! There's this one particular spot that we always go to-- Shabu House. The reason why I loove them is because even after trying a couple of different places, thier meat quality and broth are no doubt the best! They slice their perfectly marbled meat into thin slices-- perfect to to go swish swish in!

Ready to go, just waiting on the water to boil!

At one point this past winter, Mr. W. and I probably shabued two-three times a week! Shabu is perfect on a cold and rainy San Francisco day!!

See how the meat is close to being perfect? After cooking a couple of slices, all the veggies and the broth starts to taste extra good and extra meaty!

Mr. W. know how much I love tofu-- so to prevent them from getting lost, he used the mushroom as a little boat. It's incredibly brilliant and a funny sight at the same time!

Shabu is always fun and always leaves me so warm and satisfied! Perfect beginning to a night of movies and snuggling!



a, said...

LOL. omg mushrooms as boats/floats is the cutest thing ever! i really hate those mushrooms though. odd taste and sometimes so thick and chewy!

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