April 17, 2011

Polka Dotted!

I fell in love with a polka-dotted pink iPhone 4 case. The only problem? It goes by the name Kate Spade and it'll cost me $40! I seriously almost bought it, but avaunt my strong lust for it, I made the better judgement of not giving in. Forty dollars is way too much for a phone case-- and especially since I go through cases like no other! Luckily, Mr. W. Knew I couldn't stop thinking about it and found it on amazon for me for cheaper and ordered it! Yay!!

This phone us such an attention grabber and it screams my name!

See how it's hot pink on the side? Totally cute!

I love Kate Spade so much. Her stuff is always very feminine without being tacky. And it always looks so polished. I feel like her stuff is comparable to Marc by Marc.. only much girlier!

I love love love my new case!! Only thing is.. It is a little bulky but nonetheless it's still super cute!