April 03, 2011

Perfect Sunday

"The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." -- Mark Twain

With that said, I think it's enough to justify why I am so obsessed with the beautiful weather in the city! Mother nature has been so generous to us this week that we've had the sun shining and warm weather (enough to leave those thick raincoats at home!). The weather people predicted rain today and luckily for us, they are almost always wrong!

View from Ari's! You can see the GG Bridge!
I started my day off with some errands and then Bikram yoga. I've seriously been addicted lately and even got up at 5:30AM to catch a class before work! I took my dear friend Ari for the first time and am super excited that she loved it and wants to go back! Even though there's no talking during the class, miss Ari and I got to catch up on quite a bit. Always good to catch up with old friends!

Cherry blossom season! So beautiful!

Thank you Mr. W. for finally putting subs into my Foxy (my gray civic). It makes me feel so cool to drive to some boom boom boooom music! Only thing is, he forgot to reconnect the part for the air-- so on such a beautiful day, I had to drive with a slight heat on. Major fail!

Foxy's got some boom boom in her trunk!
After yoga, Mr. W. and I decided to venture to Pluto's for some sandwiches. We both had high hopes of this place since it had awesome Yelp reviews and we both heard great things about it. Unfortunately, our experience fell short of others. We both felt like the sandwiches looked much better than they tasted. Oh well, now at least we know for ourselves!

My turkey with cranberry on Facoccia bread

Garlic curly fries--our favorite thing there

Mr. W.'s tri-tip on toasted sourdough
After our unsatisfying lunch, we took a walk around the neighborhood and did some slight shopping. Then we went home and napped and watched Euro Trip. Perfect lazy Sunday!

After our nap, we met up Eva and Denise for dinner at this new cajun crawfish restaurant called Craw Station. We were all so excited to try it out since we've been craving for a crawfish fix since... Irvine days! We started off with the sangria which tasted like juice! Knowing me and my weak tolerance, Mr. W. said that I'd only drink half of mine and he'd have to finish it for me-- and he was exactly right!

White sangria
We decided to try the house noodles too since we've never seen it on the menu of a Cajun crawfish restaurant before! We all really liked it-- it was buttery with a slight texture from the tobiko. Very interesting taste indeed!

House Noodles
At last, the shrimp came out! We were pleased to find our shrimp very big and succulent. I thought the sauce was a little too spicy but definitely had a good taste to it!

Extra juicy!
The service there was so wonderful. The manager took the time to introduce herself and made sure everything was going well. She even gave us a free mini ice cream cone dessert! Perfect end to a perfect Sunday!

I hope every Sunday can be as fun, productive and relaxing as this Sunday!
Tomorrow is my first day at my new job, so I really should sleep early so I can rest up for an exciting day!

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday and then a lovely week to follow!