April 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

On the morning of the fnal day of Cherry Blossom Festival here in San Francisco, I read that Hello Kitty would be "waving smiles" at 1PM. Immediately, I took to my phone to wake every person I planned on going with-- the W. trio, Emmett, Pete and KarTom. I was determined to get there ASAP to ensure a good spot, avoid lines and to of course, catch a glimpse of my beloved feline.

Parking there was a nightmare so being a sweetheart that he is, Mr. W. dropped us girls off first and then went out to look for parking. The first thing we spotted was this fried mochi sign. We were all intrigued and wanted to see what this is all about!

It wasn't awful but kinda tasted like just a deep fried ball with sauce. Nothing too exciting!

ehh looks and sounds better!
The best part of the festival is definitely being able to drink on the streets!

We decided to keep classy and drink out of the paper bag like hobos since the bottles were so cold in our hands!

Next up on our menu, the famous teriburger! We waited for a good 15 minutes for it and in my opinion, it was well worth our wait!

Yum Yum. I finished mine within minutes!
The best part of the burger was that it was cooked by the Fire Academy of CCSF. Denise W. immediately spotted an eye candy-- which I'm sure made her 15 minute wait go by much quicker!

We then had a series of goodies, including, a billion gyozas, unaju and hurricane popcorn. While the two girls went to the ladie's room, I heard them announce Hello Kitty. Mr.W. and I dropped everything and rushed into the crowd.

Unforunately, I'm too short and only got a glimpse of the bus. :( Fail, but I guess that's better than nothing at all!

Sanrio Bus
While at the ladies' room, Eva and Denise managed to snatch up 3 Hello Kitty hats! Yay!


Even Jon was in a festive mode and wanted to walk in Hello Kitty's ears!

After everyone regrouped, we decided to venture back out to the festival grounds and finally try the takoyaki (I think that's what it's called!) We waited in line for about AN HOUR! Crazy! Apparently, that is the main attraction.

They made them on the spot!

Originally I wanted only 4 to share with Mr. W. but since we waited so long, I decided I needed to amp it up and get 8 instead! They were such a disappointment. Did not enjoy them one bit. Bleh. Never will I wait for them again!

On a brighter note, Mr. W. got me a little surprise!

Pink and bubbly!
Hello Kitty bubbly! Yay! Can't wait to pop this and try it out!!

We were so exhausted after the wait and decided to call it a day and all went home! It was a fun day filled with food, lines and good times with good friends!