April 27, 2011

Mac &Cheesin' On Your Tots!

I'm a sucker for mac&cheese. So when Eva W. suggested to go to Q, a place known for their mac&cheese over tater tots, you better believe I was all for it!

The decor of the place was hip and we were seated at the large take in the back! We thought the table was so cool since it had a tree right in the middle-- that is until we realized how awkward it was to converse with a tree blocking the person across from you!

The tree even comes adorned with Christmas lights!! But see how it's awkwardly positioned? I guess it works if there's someone you don't want to see at dinner!

On the backboard of our booth there were magnetic letters! Being the cheeseball he is, Mr. W. made this. (and since he's a boy, he also decided to make a couple of highly inappropriate words as well!)

Of course we had a camwhore a little before the food came!

Before long, the most important part came-- sangriaaaa! What's a dinner without sangria right?

The sangria this time is not as good as Andalu and it's also not bottomless. Therefore, the dinner didn't get quite as wild!

It wasmt long before the highly anticipated dish came out-- mac&cheese with tater tots! I felt that it looked better than it tasted. The cheese was tooo rich. Any bite without tater tots was way too cheesey. What a bummer!

Here I am with Denisey W. in front of the cute wall! Denise always looks picture perfect!

Kartom wanted in on the fun with all the magnetic letters too and decided to make this:

And yes, she is one hot mama!

Me and KarTom!
For main entrees, Denise ordered the fried chicken, which was just decent. I personally think nothing can beat KFC or Popeyes. I just feel like everyone else's fried chicken is just too dry.. and this is coming from someone who loves white meat!

Mr. W. had the meatloaf. We all thought that it tasted like beef jerky but apparently he loved it.

I ordered the duck. I liked it a lot but it's a bit on the dry side. Duck is a hard dish and I feel like more often than not, I end up disappointed.

After dinner we took a short walk down the street and ended up at a place called Rock-it Room. Unfortunately, it was reggae night and we were definitely not feeling it. So we decided to go back to our friend Randy's house to do a game night and to put Emmy's margarita maker to use!

Here is Eva Diva making margaritas. She's known notoriously for pouring wayyy too much alcohol into people's glasses but luckily she behaved that night!

Now here's a picture of Emmy with the margarita glasses that I bought him for Christmas!

Afterwards, we went onto a boys vs. girls game of catch phrase-- the boys cheated and won. Oh well.. we'll get them next time!