April 19, 2011

Killed by Sangria

Wine improves with age, I improve with wine.
I don't know whose wise words those are but I got them from the sign Kris and Emmett got Eva after our great night with sangria!

Twas the night our big group of eight decided to go to Andalu for bottomless sangria. Where there is sangria and us three, there is trouble. Throw in 5 more? There's a chaos!

The inside of Andalu is quite posh, as Eva would say. Luckily for us, we were seated conveniently at the corner-- so our loud drunkness didn't disrupt the ambiance of the restaurant.

The three of us arrived the earliest, so we got the best seats in the house!
Before everyone arrived, Mr. W, Emmy and I had started our night away already with two chugs of red sangria and one white one!

I personally preferred the white one but by the end of the night, it all tasted the same!
I've never seen strawberries in sangria before! Yum!

Maybe it was the strawberries that got us so drunk?
Though we were thoroughly impressed by the sangria, the food didn't fall too short either! My favorite of the night-- ahi tacos!

these itty bitty tacos were delicious!
Next up was the goat cheese fondue. Nothing to write about really... didn't care too much for the bitterness of the cheese.

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Denise likes to model with our dinner! Typical Denisey picture!

Denisey and her sangria!
Miss Eva chose to double fist with a full glass of sangria-- no surprise, she was drunk within the first half hour!

One in each hand, Eva is down to business!
Fried mac&cheese was next. I'm not sure if you know, but I have a soft spot for mac&cheese and anything deep fried. These little fried delights definitely rocked my world!

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Denisey posing with her try of sliders! I love baby hamburgers! So cute!

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What a night! Our waiter did a wonderful job at keeping up with our booze. At no point in the night was our table empty of sangria! To recap a couple of things that happened-- we all learned how to speak Vietnamese from Eva, stole the waiter's pen, concluded that Mr. W's stomach hates him and of course, chugged down at least 15 pitchers of sangria! Best part is? We paid $19 for the bottomless booooze and $19 for all the food! Another steal! I seriously woke up the next day, thirsty for more sangria!

What a good night with good friends!

Cheers to sangria!

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What a fun night! :)