April 18, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good

I'm as girly as girly gets-- there's no such thing as too pink or too sparkly in my world. With that said, what I'm about to reveal is something that often comes as a surprise to most people-- I'm romantically super awkward. It's almost like I'm the Napoleon Dynamite of affection. Let me give you a true anecdote. One time a boy took me on a fancy date to a fancy restaurant where you have to wear a dress. I felt so awkward and out of place that I started to sweat uncontrollably. I was wearing super high heels and my sweaty foot (yuck!) slipped which caused me to fall while walking on an uphill street in San Francisco. Fail x a billion. The sad part of this story? I wasn't on a first date! It was a dinner with an ex I've dated for years! I swear I'm usually much more poised and charming...

Since then, I've come to peace with the idea that I don't really like fancy dinners like that. While I love trying up and coming restaurants, I don't particularly care for romantic places. I don't choke when I have to do public speaking; in fact I live for them. But take me on a romantic date and it's guaranteed to be disastrous!

So (finally getting to my point), I'm pleased to say that paired with my affectionate disfunctional self is a Mr. W. who is what I call a cuddle monster. He loves to be affectionate and needs more attention (both physical and emotional) than a baby. It was initially hard for both of us to cope-- he felt like I was too cold and I felt like he was way too much! Luckily, as time passed we etched rubbed off a bit onto each other! I'm less awkward and he's less needy! (and don't even try to deny you're needy!)

Instead of taking me to a dim lit restaurant with menus filled with things I can't pronounce (well more
Like things he can't pronounce since I did take four years of francais in high school!), we go to places like Good Frickin' Chicken!

You see, not the most romantic scenery but certainly interesting! And I need to throw this in-- it's definitely good frickin' chicken!

We ordered the pita and hummus and it was the best pita bread I've ever had!

The chicken was amazing. Super moist and flavorful and I loved their baked beans!

While I'm not saying I don't want to ever play dress up and go on a "romantic" date-- I'm just saying I much prefer fun and chill dates with good conversations and good food. In fact, it's at places like these that I realize just how compatible we are-- we can virtually have the best time ever at any place! I had some good frickin' chicken on a good frickin' date!

And plus, who says just because it's not super fancy I'm not dressed to impress?



Tam said...

I found the comment button :D
I get intimidated by fancy resturaunts because everyone there look so posh as though they would judge me for tiny mistakes like using the wrong cutlery.

Love the last line!

♥ tiffabulous said...

glad to hear that I'm not the only one who feels that way!